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Abdullah Gül, AA Photo

Abdullah Gül, AA Photo

President Abdullah Gül traveled to the Egyptian capital of Cairo today, in his first visit abroad since he was prohibited from traveling abroad due to an ear illness five months ago.

Gül received intensive medical treatment after a reoccurring ear illness flared up again during a long flight to Bishkek in August.

The president will attend the 12th summit meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and will pay an official visit to Egypt.

“On the occasion of my second visit since the Tahrir revolution, I will reiterate our strong support of the historical transitional period in Egypt. Our support will continue in a determined way over the problems [Egypt] faces through this process,” Gül told reports at a press conference just before his flight.

“Our sincere hope is that they carry the country forward through dialogue, acting with patience and common sense. I believe this is also what the people want,” he added.

The relations between the peoples of the two countries, based on a historically rooted friendship and fraternity, will be examined on his visit, Gül said, adding that this official visit would serve to further the flourishing cooperation between the two countries in every sphere.

Greeted by Morsi at the airport

The Turkish President was greeted at his arrival in Cairo by his Egyptian counterpart Mohamed Morsi as well as Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu who came earlier to the Egyptian capital for the OIC summit. Egyptian officials have put Gül’s pictures on billboards near the airport, Doğan news agency has noted. 

Gül is expected to make a speech during the OIC summit's president’s meeting Feb. 6 and a press conference together with Morsi Feb. 7. 


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