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Police use tear gas to disperse protesters gathered in Istanbul streets. DAILY NEWS photo

Police use tear gas to disperse protesters gathered in Istanbul streets. DAILY NEWS photo

Turkish politicians, including President Abdullah Gül, reacted harshly to foreign media coverage of the ongoing Gezi protests, with state-run Anatolia news agency attempting to create a Twitter campaign over the ongoing London protests under the hashtag, “occupylondon.”

Anatolia news agency gave a detailed report of the events that have been occurring in London, highlighting the number of detainments, while posting the story under the “occupylondon” hashtag on Twitter. The hashtag was picked up quickly by ruling party supporters, with tweets exaggerating the ongoing events in London as users warned their friends and relatives in London to be careful. 

The social campaign soon turned into response to the previous night’s coverage of the Gezi events by foreign media outlets, and the “occupylondon” hashtag became one the trending topics of the day. 

Turkish President Gül too frowned upon the foreign media coverage of the events, criticizing the stories for attempting to draw a parallel between the Gezi protests and the events happening in the countries of the Middle East. 

“You have to put what’s happening there, and what is happening in Turkey in separate ranks,” Gül said. “Especially foreign media outlets should be very careful about this.” 

Several other social media attempts occurred following the nights events, with hashtags like “YouCANTstopTurkishSuccess” and “GoHomeLiarCNNbbcANDreuter” being used frequently by Turkish ministers, including Minister of EU Affairs Egement Bağış and Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç, who also tweeted, “My regards to the Anatolian kids who defend their country,” according to Anatolia news agency. 

CNN International in particular was one of the most-watched outlets during the June 11 intervention, with CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour quickly becoming a social media topic when she ended her interview with interview with one of prime minister’s advisors, İbrahim Kalın by saying, “The show is over.”


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Notice on comments

Mehmet Ungrateful

6/13/2013 2:31:29 PM

I am glad that the world really now understands the true politics of these tyrants and bigots. They will rule Turkey with a hard fist and crush anyone who will not join the flock. I suppose DutchTurk will come back to Turkey as must be too much freedom in Holland.

Ali Kanat

6/13/2013 11:16:20 AM

They are only worried that there is media they can't control. Their lies, their violence are there for all the world to see. Who is shaming Turkey? The government and its goons in uniform.

Hans-Joachim "Terrorist" Zierke

6/13/2013 3:57:33 AM

If Turkish broadcasters are silenced with fines issued by the government, it is simple and necessary solidarity to take over broadcasting. Turkish subtitles should be added.


6/12/2013 10:23:28 PM

I never liked foreign news Chanel anyway always showing the dark side ..hey foreign news Chanel (BBC ,CNN, AL JAJAERA ).learn something from Turkish media ..whatever happens against high highness medias are very works very hard going to cold place like ANTARCTICA capturing the beautiful moment (penguin dancing) and showing live wow!!! nice holiday package live ...wow!!! inspirational turksih media but you foreign news never get tired always showing the true color...

mara mcglothin

6/12/2013 9:20:50 PM

I never heard one single parallel between the "Arab Springs" and what is going on in Turkey. Not one. The question was asked and it was immediately disqualified. Most of the anchors and reporters spent their time remarking on Erdogan's dictator like comments.

Tekir Feline

6/12/2013 9:19:41 PM

Is it a lie that the Turkish Government attacks the countries youth? Is it a lie that police shot first. In 2002 the AKP started with the promise to bring more democracy. Now we have learned what they meant - a police state, jailing journalist (more in prison compared to china), artists, lawyers and their own youth. Shame on them, liars. (T)a(y)yip Erdogan is the same coin like the chinese leaders starting the Tiananmen massacre or the iranian leaders counterfeiting the last election.

John Smithicks

6/12/2013 8:45:22 PM

Our government has lost all credibility with such childish stunts, and they should resign before they tarnish the nation's image further. They have failed Turkish citizens in crisis and no longer have the moral authority to govern.

gordon scott

6/12/2013 8:12:04 PM

Of course the politicians are going to blame the foreign press because they can't control it.

cezer "çapulcu" skonore

6/12/2013 8:07:57 PM

They have no power to stop foreign journalist or manipulate them. I am listening what some foreign journalists are reporting about the protests in Turkey. I think that they are trying to be very nice to Erdogan. NPR has editorialized yesterday that the middle class (I think they meant the upper class commerce, construction and industry bosses) is asking/pressuring/backing Erdogan to finish these protests immediately.

yasin Abdellah

6/12/2013 8:04:50 PM

when the Anatolia News Agency attempts to create a twitter group for the London protest Hurriyet is exposing it. Good job. You are really good friends the west as the proverb says a friend in need is a friend indeed. you are fighting their enemies in turkey. The west is always safe since it has many friends such as you. Keep up, expose anatolia, AKP and other backward enemies of modern age even at the expense of Turkey. Even if it is to late it is good to die than to surrender.
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