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Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has assigned four ministers to boost Turkish population policy, instructing a future Parliamentary commission on the issue to research social consequences as well.

Erdoğan has told ministers in the past two meetings to work more on increasing the number of children in a family to at least three through initiatives by both the government as well as his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek and Family and Social Policies Minister Fatma Şahin will work on the financial dimension of the population policy while a future Parliamentary commission will research its social consequences.
The four ministers will form an “incentive for children,” which is expected to be issued for families with four children at most, by examining the models of European countries, where incentives from 100 to 200 euros are given for each child.

Erdoğan has often called on families to have at least three children in several speeches.

“One or two children mean bankruptcy. Three children mean we are not improving but not receding either. At least three children are necessary in each family, because our population risks aging,” Erdoğan said last month.

AKP Malatya deputy Öznur Çalık asked Parliament Feb. 9 how to prevent the aging of the Turkish population. A resulting commission will be established to provide suggestions to the related ministries on what could be done on the issue. Erdoğan told ministers to “comment on the scientific reasons of the necessity of having three children in each family.”

Çalık’s motion says the growth rate has to be above 2.1 in order to have a renewable society.

 “It is possible to make the Turkish population’s youth rate stable; awareness should be raised in families with more than two children. This will enable protecting the present population and age statistics, although it may not increase them at first. After a point, this number will be more than three [children], making the population younger than today,” according to the motion Çalık issued to Parliament.

Turkey’s statistical authority, TÜİK, recently announced the country’s population reached 75.6 million in 2012, saying the growth rate had slowed down from 0.13 percent in 2011 to 0.12 percent last year.


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Notice on comments

Socialist TRK

2/11/2013 3:32:40 PM

Keep pushing, literally. The PM has spoken, you are only good for breeding.

Faruk Beisser

2/11/2013 8:56:02 AM

How are people going to support 3 children through school, considering how much, rather, how little, the average Turk earns and what outrageous fees schools charge. Even one child brings a family on to the brink of bankruptcy. Strange, how the Great leader could afford to have only 2 children, and even more strange having them send to the US, where education fees are extremely more higher than Turkish fees.

Michael Johnson

2/11/2013 7:39:50 AM

Erdogan would have made a good Mormon.


2/11/2013 12:32:11 AM

Brit in Turkey, :-)

Vargen Vargen

2/10/2013 9:00:36 PM

Nothing but madnes. Just look at Istanbul. Do you get the feeling that it would be a nicer town if there were more people? Certainly not. There is a lack of virtually everything. Roads are jammed. Busses over crowded, schools with 60 kids per class room and two shifts, we ruin the environment etc etc. And all of this because RTE wants to create a "super nation of Muslims"

Michael Wray

2/10/2013 8:50:09 PM

He's relying on a 19th century paradigm to predict a 21st century outcome.

Brit in Turkey

2/10/2013 7:18:04 PM

"Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has assigned four ministers to boost Turkish population". I guess they will be quite busy!


2/10/2013 4:57:27 PM

Now it's getting enough! Are people blind in this country or just deprived of education? Leave the AK Party and PM TRE or go down under comparable levels with any other country. Here are not schools enough, hospitals are bad, food and heating expensive, living under normal standards, buildings cheap and dangerous. How can the PM speak like that? Sendng his daughters to U.S. for education, living in a grand home. What hypocracy!

Turk Uzan

2/10/2013 4:44:23 PM

Economically it makes a lot of sense .. but it can also create a lot of problems of over population in the future. We need more and more young people to support the old but on the other side, there is a big chance that automation will leave many out of a job. Technological improvement is the main drive behind economical growth, and in theory always provides more work but It's possible that the amount of labor needed will significantly drop with the arrival of 3d printers and the automatisation

mara mcglothin

2/10/2013 4:05:06 PM

I would think that this should start right inside the party. Does Mr Bagis, Simsek, Ms Sahin and others all have at least 3 kids? Just look at the unemployment rate of college grads and then figure out how all these extra children are ever going to be happy.
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