POLITICS > Turkish PM gets angry with union head during critical Gezi meeting, calmed down by daughter

ANKARA - Hürriyet

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Turkish PM Erdoğan reportedly left the meeting room after reacting angrily during an exchange with the DİSK union head. He was calmed down by his daughter and advisor Sümeyye Erdoğan.  AA photo

Turkish PM Erdoğan reportedly left the meeting room after reacting angrily during an exchange with the DİSK union head. He was calmed down by his daughter and advisor Sümeyye Erdoğan. AA photo

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan reacted angrily toward a union head during a critical late night meeting with a group representing the Gezi Park protesters and had to be calmed down by his daughter, daily Hürriyet reported today. 

Erdoğan, who was meeting a delegation of 16 people, including members of the Taksim Solidarity Platform, artists and union representatives, lost his temper after an intervention by the General Secretary of the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions (DİSK), Arzu Çerkezoğlu.

Çerkezoğlu told daily Hürriyet that she had pointed out toward the end of the meeting that Gezi Park had acquired a meaning that made impossible the perception of its redevelopment plans as a merely an architectural project, after Erdoğan told of his intention of going to a referendum if the appeal to the court’s decision suspending the construction at the park was upheld.

“I said ‘If we had held this meeting on May 25 [before the protests sparked], you would be right and we would only be talking about an architectural project. But in the last 17 days many things happened, hundreds of thousands have displayed a common will,’” Çerkezoğlu said.  

Çerkezoğlu added that tension arose when she said, “This has become about something more than Gezi Park. There is a clear social and sociological situation. You have to say something regarding this.” Erdoğan had reacted angrily to this, saying that he knew “sociology very well” as a politician, leaving the meeting room.

His daughter and advisor Sümeyye Erdoğan reportedly joined him outside the room and calmed him down.

“We would have preferred to leave after shaking hands with the prime minister,” Çerkezoğlu said, adding that Erdoğan was angry with her union who insisted on celebrating May Day at Taksim Square despite the officials’ ban. She confirmed that Erdoğan had described her as an "extremist unionist." 

Despite the tense moment, this second night’s meeting halted the escalation of the tension between officials and demonstrators.


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Notice on comments

mara mcglothin

6/16/2013 7:44:09 PM

Great writing! POLITICO

Brit in Turkey

6/16/2013 7:42:40 PM

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character give him power." - Abraham Lincoln. Oh well, that's that then.

Brit in Turkey

6/16/2013 7:41:42 PM

Mehmet Ungrateful: I thought that the going punishment for upsetting the honour of a family was burial alive. (Remember a case about a year or so ago).


6/16/2013 11:58:46 AM

Like all despots, Erdogan’s days are numbered. He and his supporters have to accept that history will cast him in an accurate light as a PM who, through his own short-comings and power-hungry delirium, squandered a great country’s opportunity to capitalise on its economic growth and to exert a real and sustainable influence on the world stage. He now needs to gracefully accept the mess he has created, show some spec of honour, and resign.

Mihail Gr

6/16/2013 11:22:34 AM

For God's sake, do you want more Tayyips?? One is not enough? He already has a great tribe. The good daughter is playing "babasitter" (baba = father in Turkish). Maybe she wants to continue the political career of her father; a good example is Romania and the president's lovely girl.

Michael Johnson

6/16/2013 9:43:47 AM

Jobs: they would if there were any.

Eric Martin

6/16/2013 9:30:43 AM

Ah the troublesome Unions have spoken. Most of those thugs you saw in the protests were probably unionists and socialists/communists. @richard wyatt - Guess he doesn't get it does he foreigner. Long live Erdogan! Greatest leader in Turkey's history!

mara mcglothin

6/16/2013 7:15:56 AM

JOBS This may never have been small, BUT now for sure if is widespread all over Turkey, and it no small matter. RTE has managed to unite his opposition into a solid group. Perhaps you would like to make a list of his good charaterisitics because I am having a hard time coming up with a single good quality right now.

Erdogan Erdogan

6/16/2013 5:10:47 AM

Nepotizem like north Korea...

Sid Mark

6/15/2013 9:09:31 PM

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