LOCAL >Turkish firm to award 1 million Turkish liras for information on $7 million worth armed robbery


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A courier firm that got robbed $7 million while bringing Turkish exporting companies’ money through legal means to Turkey from northern Iraq has announced that they would reward 1 million Turkish Liras (about $282,000) for information leading to those responsible for the robbery, Doğan News Agency reported on July 16.

The hijackers robbed the money in the vehicle while it was at Turkey’s Habur border crossing with Iraq on July 2. An investigation was then launched into the incident, with the police detaining a total of 15 people before releasing them all.

Authorities have so far found $230,000 of the stolen money, with the firm’s owner, Yusuf Avil, announcing on his social media account that he would award one million liras to whoever helps the remaining money be found.

“On July 2, at the Habur border gate, the courier vehicle, which entered the country [Turkey] and carried money belonging to exporting firms, has been hijacked by unidentified people. If there is anyone who has information on these individuals [hijackers] or can help us find the stolen money, they can call 155, 156, or my contact number, and in return for their denunciation, with their identities remaining anonymous, they will be awarded 1 million Turkish liras,” Avil said.


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