Turkish art to be represented in Cannes

Turkish art to be represented in Cannes

Turkish art to be represented in Cannes

Nazan Aktan

This year, Turkish artists will join the Cannes Cote D’azur Art Shopping Contemporary Art Fair, which is organized annually by the Louvre Museum in France.

Fourteen Turkish artists from various parts of the country will join the fair with the organization of the Contemporary Turkish Artists Paris Association (ACT), which was founded last year to promote Turkish artists to the world, between Dec. 1, 2 and 3.

The founder and president of the association, Nazan Aktan said she had founded the association to improve Turkish-French friendship through art events. “Our purpose is to promote Turkey and Turkish artists in France and improve dialogue between the two countries by organizing exhibitions. We will be in international platforms with various events,” said Aktan.

Among the Turkish artists to join the fair will be Dilek Yerlikaya, Pınar Tınç, Cemil Onay, Esra Trolonge, Ferhat Revanbahş, Burcu Yavuz, Gülay Aytan, Gülen Kesova, Belgin Şahin, Mehmet Ömür, Emel Ömür, Lemis Okandan, Ada Koloğlu and Sibel Yeşiltepe.

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