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İsmail SaymazISTANBUL

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Turkish journalist and anchorwoman Sedef Kabaş has been released on probation after being detained following her tweet in which she called on citizens not to forget the name of the judge who dropped the Dec. 17, 2013 corruption probe that involved high-profile, former Cabinet members.

The case is being examined by the prosecutor and Kabaş will testify on Jan. 5, reports said.

“Do not forget the name of the judge who decided not to pursue the proceedings in the Dec. 17 probe,” Kabaş tweeted. She was referring to a massive graft probe which was officially dropped on Dec. 16 when the Istanbul Chief Prosecutor’s Office rejected an objection to its decision to not pursue proceedings in the case.

Kabaş was detained on Dec. 30 at her house, after which police started to search the dwelling. Kabaş told news website Radikal that she was detained on charges of “targeting people who are involved in anti-terror operations.”

“I believe in the rule of law. I believe there still people who have faith in rule of law,” said Kabaş, adding that her tablet, computer, and mobile phone were also seized by the police from her house.


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