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Hürriyet photo

Hürriyet photo

Turkish Airlines (THY) has blocked the hit TV series “Muhteşem Yüzyıl” (Magnificent Century) from all in-flight channels following remarks from the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, daily Hurriyet has reported.

“We were about to start screening the show, but we changed our minds following the prime minister's negative opinions,” a THY official told daily Hurriyet.

The series, however, still has a promotional advertisement running inside the national flag carrier’s in-flight magazine.

“The magazine had already been distributed,” the official said. “The prime minister's statements came after that.”

Erdoğan recently dished out heavy criticism of “Magnificent Century” for its portrayal of the Ottoman ruler Süleyman.

“We’ve alerted the authorities on this and we await a judicial decision on it,” Erdoğan said. “Those who toy with these values should be taught a lesson within the premises of law.”

“Magnificent Century” is a popular TV show airing in Turkey and abroad, which follows the lives of the Ottoman ruler Süleyman and his love Hürrem Sultan. The show focuses on Süleyman's personal life and palace life, portraying characters from the harem, as well as from the royal family.


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Notice on comments

cezer "çapulcu" skonore

12/7/2012 9:36:16 PM

One morning, Barack Obama says the movie Lincoln tarnishes the history of America, and the day after, United removes the movie from their entertainment list. It is really absurd, isn't it?

Can Lamberoglu

12/7/2012 9:18:41 PM

@ Ummah: the definition of your history depends upon how far you choose to go back to call it yours, and how your direct ancestors have contributed to the achievements of those civilizations. Let's face it; Erdogan has become extremely arrogant through his years in power, and is losing credibility all over the world with his stupid statements.Let him continue with his rhetoric, so that the majority of Turkish voters will hopefully start to realize what he is all about before the next elections.

cezer "çapulcu" skonore

12/7/2012 8:51:31 PM

To FRANK OUDKIRK: Women in harem were not Turkish!

Nadiri Başaran

12/7/2012 8:20:12 PM

Why blame Erdogan? He is entitles to express his opinion, it's THY that are acting stupidly.

Brit in Turkey

12/7/2012 7:38:08 PM

FRANK OUDKIRK. Oh, I don't know, and they are gorgeous!

maria parada

12/7/2012 6:40:25 PM

This is so backward.

Brian Irlanda

12/7/2012 6:14:58 PM

Unbelievable. What a stupid move!


12/7/2012 5:57:32 PM

Those don't look like any Turkish girls I've ever seen!

Ummah Muslim

12/7/2012 5:29:16 PM

Very good move of Erdogan. No one can manipulate our history. The kemalist regime in Turkey has always lied about the words of Atatürk. They always change the words of Atatürk to use it for their own benefit. But that is over now. Erdogan has the power in Turkey with the majority of the people in Turkey.

mara mcglothin

12/7/2012 4:32:32 PM

Exactly REDTAIL And so much for THY being independently run. This is a perfect example of why it is never a good idea to have backward mentality running the government. I can't wait to hear Mr Akyol's opinion on this!
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