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While Turkey doesn't view any country in a hostile manner its patience has a limit, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said during a ceremony introducing the first ever Turkish tank Nov.15.

"No one should mistake our good intentions for passivity," Erdoğan said. "Our patience has a limit."
"We took important steps in the last decade," Erdoğan said. "We are now building our rifles and our war boats. We are the third country in the world to build unmanned air vehicles after the United States and Israel."

Turkey’s first ever national tank aimed to break the nation's dependence on other countries, Erdoğan said.

'Altay' is the first tank to ever be designed and built in Turkey.


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11/16/2012 6:05:43 PM

I disagree with our eteemed PM, Turkey seems to have infinite patience with those killing our citizens, shooting down our planes and turning our borders into Grand Central.

US Observer

11/16/2012 2:40:22 PM

OK I stand corrected, the vehicles in the article apparently are not the new Tank. Why are they in the article I have no idea.

US Observer

11/16/2012 2:33:13 PM

First, that is not a tank. He just completely embarresed his country by calling his APC a Tank and then following it up with a broad threat. Second, who in the world is he threatening? What a bizzare statement!

mr who

11/16/2012 2:21:30 PM

It’s not just war you have a huge army in Russia and it’s a tradition we fight our brothers brotherly love, you have trade in the middle east you have a huge Israeli army To the west you have a huge German army. To the east you have a well armed Persian army gosh you going to need 50000 tank fuel and supplies an air force the size of the American air force .I think kemalist self defence policy is more realistic or at the most a safe zone in Syria .

Agnes Smith

11/16/2012 12:18:29 PM

Just looks like an armoured vehicle getting ready to enforce law and order over Kurds and other nationalsts who do not swallow the AKP plan. This man is preparing for war with his own subjects. Quote - the police have enough gas for 18 years.

Hartabuna Hartabuna

11/16/2012 4:28:54 AM

It seems that the esteemed PM is channeling the British Police (via Robin Williams): Stop! or I shall have to yell Stop again! The PM is the master of stand-up comedy.

Chris Green

11/16/2012 1:37:07 AM

Alexander the Great-Macedonian, of course! The vehicle is really an APC! Not a big deal actually...

mara mcglothin

11/16/2012 12:03:12 AM

Good one! AMERICAN AMERICAN The West is soooo evil and we want to be just like them!!!!!

Nikos T.

11/15/2012 11:15:36 PM

People are getting sick of Turkey's threats. Turkish politicians talk too much while others remain silent and shoot down Turkish planes when entering their airspace. We will do this, we will do that... beware of mighty Turkey. Poor guy. Only years of... let's say wealth and he has become more arrogant than Alexander the Great.

henry laycock laycock

11/15/2012 10:07:27 PM

The ignorance of - and hostility towards - all forms of Islam, is regularly manifest in the comments of Israelis and their American supporters. But then many Americans do not even believe that their president is a US citizen - and most Israeli Jews would support an apartheid regime in Israel, according to a survey, conducted by Dialog on the eve of Rosh Hashanah. The survey exposes anti-Arab and ultra-nationalist views espoused by a majority of Israeli Jews.
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