CHANGEMAKERS >Turkey's Changemakers: A changemaking project enabling special athletes overcome hurdles

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“Turkey’s Changemakers” features Celal Karadoğan, who established “The Youth with Disabilities Sports Club” with the goal of enabling everyone to be active and receive education under equal conditions.

Aiming to create a sense of community among youth with and without disabilities, and to raise public awareness around this topic, Celal Karadoğan established a center where youth with disabilities can train in sports, study and socialize.  “The Youth with Disabilities Sports Club” prepares a weekly program for its athletes to help them with their schoolwork, and also features a table tennis table and a basketball court. Everyone, whether with or without disabilities, is encouraged to participate in the Club’s activities and programs. Celal Karadogan trains youth with disabilities in various sports at

“The Youth with Disabilities Sports Club” in order to help them represent Turkey at the Paralympics Games.  “The Youth with Disabilities Sports Club” contributed to raising a great deal of awareness among youth and families living nearby. The Club reached around 500 youth and their families through physical, cultural and social activities since it was established in 2005. 

In 2009, “The Youth with Disabilities Sports Club” qualified as one of the top 20 projects across the world and received a grant from the World Bank Creative Development Ideas Competition. The Club’s goal is to send at least 10 athletes to the 2016 Paralympics Games, which will take place in Brazil.


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