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İbrahim Kalın, a senior adviser to Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, said today on his Twitter account that Turkey had no interest in a war with Syria but would protect its borders. He said political and diplomatic initiatives would continue, Reuters reported.

"Turkey has no interest in a war with Syria. But Turkey is capable of protecting its borders and will retaliate when necessary," Kalın wrote on Twitter. "Turkey has retaliated to yesterday's incident without declaring war on Syria. Political, diplomatic initiatives will continue."

Turkey’s Parliament was debating a bill to authorize the military to launch cross border operations in Syria, while Turkey resumed artillery shelling of Syrian targets near the border.

Meanwhile, the city was in silence after yesterday's bombing, an official reportedly said.

“Five people were killed while another ten were injured. Four of the deceased were buried. The region is silent now. There is no problem in the city center or in the tents. Those who were injured are being treated. Also tents of condolences were pitched. Currently, there is no military action,” an official from Şanlıurfa governor’s office said.


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Notice on comments

avron dacota

10/4/2012 9:51:09 PM

No war please, increase your military power and concentrate on countries prosperity.

avron dacota

10/4/2012 9:43:20 PM

Mr. Recep be careful. Unintentionally your country have been dragged into war with syria, you should know there are so many enemies operating around syria and turkey border, and they don't want to see turkey as a regional power we appreciate your progress and achievement in your reign, keep it up, accept apologies from govt. of syria and avoid war.

Truth Teller

10/4/2012 9:12:36 PM

" Turkey won’t declare war on Syria: Turkish PM aide" - Bur surely Turkey slips to war. Turkey should understand that a war on Syrian soil will be not only against Syria, it will also against Iran which play crucial part in this mess. The possibility that incidents will break out along the Turkish - Iranian should be considered. It will start with terrorist activities of the PKK and slip to confrontation of the two armies the Turkish and the Iranian armies.


10/4/2012 9:11:45 PM

A wise decision. However, why is the military still firing at Syrian targets? Regards

Sid Mark

10/4/2012 7:58:54 PM

Why not mr.Erdogan?Such a strong and brave nation.What are you afraid of?The bear?

Mohamed Al Hashimi

10/4/2012 7:12:31 PM

Good action from Turkey to not declare a war against Syria as Turkey has many enemies in the region should protect his army and increase his power.

Shah Hamdan

10/4/2012 2:09:15 PM

It really hurts when your own loved ones are killed but don't feel the pain of others. Last one an half year Turkey is inflaming civil war in Syria and watching thousands dead. Its providing weapons, finance, logistic and all type of support to terrorist to kill Syrians and Syrian Army. I hope Turkey will learn lesson and stop supporting terrorist so her own people will be secured too. Its just matter of time when these terrorist will wage a war against Turkey too with Turkish weapons itself.

Blue Dotterel

10/4/2012 2:08:50 PM

Turkey has already committed an act of war against Syria by shelling its countryside, indeed it has committed many acts of war by supporting the foreign mercenaries, and invading Syrian airspace. And for what. NO evidence has been shown that Syrian troops fired mortars into Turkey, as opposed to Turkish backed mercenaries. Are we witnessing attempts at false flag attacks to justify a NATO intervention.

V Tiger

10/4/2012 2:01:53 PM

How come Russia warned Turkey before the mortar attack from Syria into Turkey?What's cooking?

AB Adeel

10/4/2012 1:32:55 PM

For me it is a very good decision as wars obliterate economy as well as stability of a country.
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