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EPA photo

EPA photo

Turkey has agreed to drop its ban on cooperating with Israel as a third-country NATO partner, a diplomat said Sunday.

Ankara cut off such cooperation after the Israeli army raided a Turkish ship carrying humanitarian aid to the blockaded Gaza Strip in 2010, leaving nine Turks dead.

The decision to renew NATO links came at a December 4 meeting in Brussels of the 28-member alliance on a proposal by its Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the diplomat said.

The ban had "created a lack of confidence among the partners", he said.

However Turkey will maintain its ban on joint military manoeuvres, and Ankara has reserved the right to bar activities with Israel on its own soil.

The agreement comes after NATO agreed early this month to deploy Patriot anti-aircraft missiles along the Turkish border with Syria.

Turkey's relations with its former ally deteriorated sharply after the raid on the Turkish ship in international waters in the Mediterranean.

Israel has rejected Ankara's demands for an apology and compensation.


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Notice on comments

Turk Uzan

12/23/2012 10:42:29 PM

One should be persistent in its words and actions as a politician .. esp as a prime minister or president. Thank you Erdogan, for destroying our image and credibility, we really did not need those patriots this much .. I would have rather had them not break any ties at all, these superficial bans just make our nation seem irrational and childish. Israel should have apologized before the bans were lifted and we could have pressured them in to doing so if it wasn't for Erdo's crazy bans etc

Lior Uziel

12/23/2012 10:30:07 PM

@Dogan we Israelis do not feel that building in our capital city for which we have been praying (and still ends any of our prayer 0 Jerusalem) is stealing. Sorry, go and learn some history. This is our homeland, and if someone wants to call it its own, then we can respect that but it doesn;t mean that we agree, Palestinians must agree to our rights here as well

Chris Tahos

12/23/2012 7:38:19 PM

It was about time for Turkey to abandon the previous harsh rhetoric and negative stance against Israel.There was not even one chance in a million for Israel, to give up the security of her citizens, by permiting the import of lethal missiles into Gaza.Fortunately Turkey realized that, and behaved rationally.

Jobs jon

12/23/2012 7:03:08 PM

Europe has a duty to protect Europeans living in the so called "Satate of Israel" that is why they pressured Turkey. Its a shame on those who call themselves civilized yet keep protecting the butcher who kills women and children like aunts and who keeps stealing poor peoples' land. Its perhaps time for the group of people to wake up and face the mad boy whol holds the dagger because somebody has to stop him.

mok 10501

12/23/2012 7:02:16 PM

Here goes another one. When are we going to learn these simple facts people? If you keep behaving like this, they'll assume that you are an idiot, period.. I am sure Greeks might be laughing at us, again right now. Remember, when we made the same mistake by accepting them back to NATO after they left due to their brother Serbs were bombed by the NATO? Okay, it may look like a Christmas gift, but to wrong people. You should have done it a week ago when it was Hanukkah.

Jirmejahou Jirmejahou

12/23/2012 7:00:57 PM

Since Mr Erdogan stepped back only half a distance it would mean the Turkish goverment negociated to get the defence system and it was to ensure somewhat Israel. If there will be no second step back to the beforegoing situation the 1st step will be nearly useless because it does not bear any trust. Maybe the 2nd step is planned for a later moment to keep the government's face that would be ok. Let's wait and see.

Vargen Vargen

12/23/2012 6:39:35 PM

Mr Erdogan's very loud talk around Israel the last years was very very unwise. Eager to please his new friends in the Middle East (young angry radical men) his rethorics and manner totallty went out of control and he has now squeezed himself and Turkey in a an embarrassing corner which we can not get out of. Who on earth was his advisor in this case? Very poorly managed I must say and we deserve better and more presentable people. Diplomats, on both sides, would have solved this much better.


12/23/2012 6:31:46 PM

I can not for the life of me figure out why NATO needs to cooperate with Israel, what does NATO get in return, and why this renegade theocracy that kills Turkish and US citizens without remorse is even on any NATO agenda.

joe Maddin

12/23/2012 6:30:51 PM

Next step is full friendship with Israel that turns out to be a more reliable friends that the Arabs


12/23/2012 5:45:16 PM

It was only a matter of time... For all his talk and all his bravado, P.M Erdogan gave into the U.S/Israel pressure. Even though Israel still reject everything Turkey has demanded, Erdogan is willing to go back on his word. The word he gave to the world and more importantly, the Turkish people. Where is YOUR Respect and Honor, P.M? Is it any wonder why Israel gave this man a medal? All his talk was only to gain back some of his waning popularity within Turkey and the broader Muslim community
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