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AFP photo

AFP photo

Turkey has been given the title "Fossil of the Day" on the second day (Nov. 28) of the United Nations climate change talks in Doha, private broadcaster NTV has reported. The award is given to countries that have not taken sufficient steps to tackle climate change.

"We've given the award to Turkey because it is the fourth largest country in the world in terms of coal mines. What's more, its Energy Ministry announced 2012 as 'coal year.' Turkey has still not announced a target reduction of greenhouse gases, as is determined in the Kyoto Protocol. So, the 'Fossil of the Day' award has been given to it," a climate activist at the talks said.

The 18th U.N. Climate Change Conference, which has gathered 200 world nations in Doha, will last two weeks. It comes amid a welter of reports warning that extreme weather events like superstorm Sandy may become commonplace if mitigation efforts fail, Reuters news agency reported.


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Cem Ian Hanley

12/24/2012 7:31:02 AM

We have natural gas in our place in Izmir so the house is fine, but in winter after 7pm, you daren't walk outsde, it is so polluted. I have an extractor fan in the kitchen to keep the outside stink outside. The coal here is lignite, OK in very remote power plants but deadly in built up areas.

Brit in Turkey

11/29/2012 5:24:43 PM

Stephen Brunette. My house is pretty big admittedly (about 270sq m) and when built nine year ago there were no alternatives available for central heating. In any case diesel then was less than half the current price. Remember that a detached house is far less cosy than an apartment, especially with Turkish construction methods (all concrete and no wood). Are you saying that you get mains gas or is it bottled? There is no mains gas here.

Stephen Brunette

11/28/2012 11:40:17 PM

@Brit in Turkey, there are many alternatives available. I also live at sea level in the Aegean region, and our 3 bedroom apartment is heated by natural gas. A small combi gas boiler that mounts on the wall heats my apartment nice and toasty, we keep it at 24 C during the winter, it gives instant on demand hot water and also we use it for cooking. My bill last winter was about 170 TL during the coldest months. Heat pump technology is very advanced as well.

Tekion Particle

11/28/2012 8:43:27 PM

You cannot expect a religious government to believe these scientific findings and take precautions can you? In their opinion the all mighty is in charge of everything so what are you worrying about ppuuuaahh.

Tekion Particle

11/28/2012 8:36:44 PM

@Irlanda & Truther, you guys so far out off touch with reality. Global warming is man made and is real. Things will get progressively worse over the next few decades not just in the coastal areas but everywhere. Natural cycle happens once every 100.000 years and we have offset the clock by about 90.000 years. I live in a city that has a top rated university in environmental sciences and those researchers tells me that we are responsible for the erratic behavior of the weather.

Brit in Turkey

11/28/2012 8:08:28 PM

Stephen Brunette. Have you any idea of the cost of the alternatives: oil and gas? I recently took delivery of a tankful,1,000 litres, of oil (diesel). There are no tax concessions on oil used for heating so it was the same price as a lorry driver would pay. In my case TL4,270. That will last one winter with a bit left over with any luck. I live at sea level on the Mediterranean/ Aegean cost and the room thermostat is set to 19C in my four-bed house. One tonne of firewood will also be consumed.

Stephen Brunette

11/28/2012 4:37:26 PM

Try walking through any Turkish city in the older areas, (which is most), in the winter, and you will see why Turley got the award. You can cut the air with a knife, it's so dirty and smelly from poor quality Turkish coal. I wonder how many people in lung wards in hospitals here in Turkey are their because of the coal.

american american

11/28/2012 2:45:03 PM

i just love breathing in carbon monoxide

Halis Saithan

11/28/2012 12:53:32 PM

I think we need to focus more on renewable energy than we're doing. Building mosques etc. in istanbul is kinda wrong prioritizing. Istanbul is not in "dire" need of new mosque. All I can think of is that AKP wants to mark it's reign by building one. More energy, less fossil fuel!

Brian Irlanda

11/28/2012 12:44:12 PM

@Truther, you're so right. I was thinking about the carbon tax scam. We can guarantee that when the weather flips into cold mode again, these scientists will claim "the temperature fluctuations we are experiencing are a direct result of human caused global warming." They cant lose! What a great way to earn money. If I can get nice big grants and salary paid for by your carbon tax, I would also say...yes! the world is too hot and ıt's all your fault, you gas guzzling, meat eating monsters!
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