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DHA Photo

DHA Photo

Turkish police have detained some 33 suspected members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) during operations in Istanbul and southern Adana province, while reports indicate detainees include 15 Egyptians and a Russian national. 

Anti-terror police launched simultaneous operations across five Istanbul districts early on Jan. 10, detaining 10 suspected ISIL members. 

The detainees were brought to the anti-terror branch office in Istanbul for questioning while the police seized print and digital documents during the raids. 

Initial reports indicate the detainees were in contact with ISIL militants in conflicts zones and had a history of traveling to the region.

Meanwhile, another 23 suspects were detained in Adana, including 16 foreign nationals wishing to join the ranks of ISIL and seven Turkish citizens recruiting militants for the jihadist group.  

According to reports, the anti-terror police launched the operation following a tip-off that seven ISIL recruiters would facilitate the journey of foreign women and children to territories under ISIL control. 

Security forces raided 10 houses simultaneously in a helicopter operation. 

Seven Turkish nationals suspected of recruiting militants for ISIL were detained, in addition to a Russian woman and 15 Egyptian nationals. 

One of the Turkish suspects was wanted by the police for charges including “membership to armed terrorist organization” and “attempting to destroy the Turkish Republic.”

After undergoing medical examinations, 16 foreign nationals were sent to the Directorate of Migration Management to be deported.


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