RELIGION >Turkey changes date of week marking birthday of Prophet Muhammad


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Turkish Muslims will celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad in the week starting Nov. 29 this year following a date change made by the new chair of the Religious Affairs Directorate (Diyanet), Ali Erbaş.

“Events and activities to better understand the Prophet’s construction of a culture, which began with his migration [from Mecca to Medina], will take place inside and outside Turkey, on Mawlid,” said Erbaş on Sept. 21. 

Mawlid is a holy night to observe the birthday of Muhammad, which is celebrated in the third month of the Islamic calendar.

The Holy Birth Week was held in the second week of April from 2008 until this year.

With the latest change, Turkey will mark the prophet’s life according to a Hijri calendar, instead of the Gregorian calendar.

Erbaş was appointed as the country’s top religious authority on Sept. 18, replacing Mehmet Görmez, who stepped aside.


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