A 'horsy' weekend at Kemer Country Club

ISTANBUL - Turkish Daily News | 7/7/2007 12:00:00 AM |

The Ninth Istanbul Horse Show, which started on Thursday at the Kemer Golf & Country Club, offers a fun weekend for equitation enthusiasts

Kemer Golf & Country Club, sıte of the Balkans' biggest horse training ground, is hosting the Traditional Istanbul Horse Show for the ninth time this year. The club offers many horseback riding services, providing experienced members with activities such as competition cups and barrier jumping and also offerıng training programs for inexperienced riders. The most expensive horses in Europe, with prices starting from $3 million, will compete at the horse show. Despite the hot weather, more than 10,000 visitors are expected at the events. Sixty jockeys from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Ukraine, France, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Jordan, Greece, Helvetia, Macedonia and Serbia will join the competitions, as well as delegates from foreign countries and members of the foreign press.Important events

Garanti Masters Grand Prix, the second four-star competition, carries forward to the World Cup. It will start at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday and a total of $20,000 prize money will be distributed. A participant of the competition, Armağan Özgörkey, complained that “keeping a horse running is too expensive,” comparing it to the costly Formula One. But he enjoys horseback riding nonetheless. “I am not a professional jockey but I am pleased with my level,” he said. “Horseback riding is a magnificent feeling and that is enough for me.” 

Kemer Golf & Country Club International Open Tour winner Berk Memik described age and physical characteristics as the most important factors in starting the sport. “For example, long riders cannot control the actions of the horse, and extreme weight can be a problem,” he explained. “Heavy riders generally ride big horses for success.”

The Traditional Istanbul Horse Show includes not only the competitions but also activities such as a children's center, a fair area, and animations, promising a fun weekend for all equestrian enthusiasts.


KG&CC International Open Tour


Jockey:     Horse:

1. Berk Memik   Speedy 54

2. Sencer Can   Tyzcolando

3. Berk Memik   Olikie


Jockey:     Horse:

1. Derin Demirsoy   Celena II

2. Serena Conway   Pardon Cupidon

3. Derin Demirsoy   Rubico

Göktürk Belediye Başkanlığı Cup

Jockey:     Horse    Country

1. Radu Ilioi     Lopez      Romania

2. Ionel Bucur    Patima     Romania

3. Güneş Sarmat   Domingo     Turkey

İstanbul Horse Show Classic

Jockey     Horse      Country

1. Sencer Can   Il vient du Val Pepin   Turkey

2. Sencer Can   Ransom   Turkey

3. Duende   Aurel COJOCARIU   Rumania

The Ninth Istanbul Horse Show 2007 Program


10:00 am MED Yapım TV “ International Open Tour”

3:00 pm Jeep International Open Class

5:00 pm Iddaa Knock Out


10:00 am Ülker International open tour final

3:00 pm   Turkcell Petite Grand Prix

5:00   pm   Garanti Masters Grand Prix 




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