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Post-Trump world

VERDA ÖZER writes:

The Oxford English Dictionary has declared “post-truth” as the most popular word of the year. Use of the term has increased by around 2,000 percent in 2016 compared to last year.

Comment(s) 11/19/2016

Trump: The Anti-Hero

VERDA ÖZER writes:

Finally the U.S. elections have got a winner. But the process is not over yet. They have given way to a world-wide discussion: What does Trump’s victory mean after all?

Comment(s) 11/12/2016

Here’s how to save Mosul

VERDA ÖZER writes:

“There are still open wounds from the break-up of the Ottoman Empire. They have only been plastered over, but never given a chance to be healed. Maybe that is because our leaders never found an opportunity to properly address the regional problems on a long term basis, with consideration of the peoples’ legitimate aspirations.”

Comment(s) 10/29/2016

What does Turkey want in Mosul?

VERDA ÖZER writes:

“No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come,” said Victor Hugo famously. True, nothing is as powerful as something whose time has come. The same applies to Turkey’s “Mosul question.”

Comment(s) 10/22/2016

Does Turkey want to take Mosul?

VERDA ÖZER writes:

The question in the title is on the minds of most of us these days. Turkey’s ongoing military operation in northern Syria and its subsequent rhetoric on Mosul have triggered this question. Ankara’s growing tension with Baghdad and the U.S. has further reinforced our curiosity.

Comment(s) 10/15/2016

What is Turkey doing in Iraq?

VERDA ÖZER writes:

As if we were short of tension in this region, a brand new crisis has erupted between Turkey and Iraq.

Comment(s) 10/8/2016

The impossible clash between US and Russia

VERDA ÖZER writes:

As if everything else had already been sorted out, this brand new problem was all we needed in Syria!

Comment(s) 9/24/2016

Is Mosul Turkey’s next move?

VERDA ÖZER writes:

A prospective U.S.-led operation against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Mosul against has become an endless story, having been repeatedly delayed

Comment(s) 9/17/2016

The need for a sharper shift

VERDA ÖZER writes:

This must have been really beyond anyone’s imagination

Comment(s) 9/10/2016

Is Washington in shambles?

VERDA ÖZER writes:

Are the Pentagon and the CIA at odds? And is Turkey the begetter of this confrontation?

Comment(s) 9/3/2016

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