icon-newWould the March 1 motion make any difference?

VERDA ÖZER writes:

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s recent reference to the March 1, 2003, motion, which was rejected by the Turkish parliament prior to the second Gulf War, has alarmed everyone in Turkey

Comment(s) 2/13/2016

A Turkish bank in northern Syria

VERDA ÖZER writes:

“The zeitgeist dictates to us the following: While respecting the existing borders, we need to create common economic, political and cultural zones that go beyond borders, and to make the people converge in this way”

Comment(s) 2/6/2016

Iran is back: Now what about Turkey?

VERDA ÖZER writes:

Iran is back in the game. This is giving birth to a totally new order not only within Iran, but also in the regional and global scene.

Comment(s) 1/23/2016

Turkey-Israel relations will normalize soon

VERDA ÖZER writes:

“Turkey-Israel relations will normalize soon.” These words were uttered by a high-level Turkish official with whom I had a tête-à-tête this week in Ankara

Comment(s) 1/16/2016

Turkey amidst the Sunni-Shia rift

VERDA ÖZER writes:

The region is going through its worst sectarian crisis in the last three decades

Comment(s) 1/9/2016

Turkey’s critical move in the Balkans

VERDA ÖZER writes:

We spent the last two days of 2015 joining Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu’s trip to Belgrade, Serbia’s capital, as a group of journalists

Comment(s) 1/2/2016

‘Turkey-Israel must reconcile in 4 weeks’

VERDA ÖZER writes:

“Turkey-Israel relations need to normalize in the upcoming three to four weeks, otherwise the process might collapse again”

Comment(s) 12/26/2015

‘US was informed about Turkey’s deployment in Iraq’

VERDA ÖZER writes:

First, Turkey sent troops to a military camp in northern Iraq. Baghdad objected

Comment(s) 12/19/2015

The Turkey-Russia crisis and liquid coalitions

VERDA ÖZER writes:

Which countries benefit and which countries suffer from the Turkey-Russia crisis is widely discussed these days

Comment(s) 12/12/2015

It takes two to crisis

VERDA ÖZER writes:

As Americans say, it takes two to tango. Now we also have to know that it takes two to crisis

Comment(s) 12/5/2015

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