Boris wins Turkish hearts and minds

SEMİH İDİZ writes:

The visit by British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to Ankara was bound to be one of the most difficult in his career.

Comment(s) 9/29/2016

Junking Turkey

SEMİH İDİZ writes:

Everyone agrees that if the coup attempt on July 15 had succeeded, Turkey’s economy would have gone into a tailspin.

Comment(s) 9/27/2016

The dumbing down of Turkey

SEMİH İDİZ writes:

“And, Oh God, please protect us from the wickedness of the educated!”

Comment(s) 9/22/2016

Turkey continues to lose the publicity war

SEMİH İDİZ writes:

Turkey is its own worst enemy when it comes to public diplomacy.

Comment(s) 9/20/2016

Turkey and the European camel

SEMİH İDİZ writes:

Misinformation, prejudice, and mutual dislike are increasingly the common denominator between Turks and Europeans. Britain provided a clear example when the “Brexiteers” used Turkey in the campaign to steer the public away from the EU

Comment(s) 9/15/2016

Hardly a joyous bayram…

SEMİH İDİZ writes:

The Eid al-Adha (Feat of the Sacrifice) bayram holiday should be a period of amity, sharing and rejoicing. It is hard to say this year’s bayram is such

Comment(s) 9/13/2016

ISIL is a transient phenomenon, the Kurds are not

SEMİH İDİZ writes:

If a task turns out to be much easier than expected, this may be pleasing to those concerned, but it also raises uneasy questions in some minds and provides fodder for conspiracy theorists

Comment(s) 9/8/2016

Turkey must not replace ideology with emotion

SEMİH İDİZ writes:

Turkey’s prolonged “Davutoğlu moment,” which was based on a misplaced confidence in Turkey’s international strength and role, and driven by a tangibly Islamist orientation, ended in May with the dismissal of the former prime minister

Comment(s) 9/6/2016

Did Turkey outmaneuver the US?

SEMİH İDİZ writes:

Washington is unhappy about Turkey’s “Operation Euphrates Shield.” The potential for a serious confrontation between fighters from the Peoples Protection Units (YPG), the armed wing of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), is very real and clearly of deep concern to it

Comment(s) 9/1/2016

Sometimes peace requires more courage than war

SEMİH İDİZ writes:

Many will see a bitter irony in the way Turkey has welcomed the peace accord between the Columbian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), which has been waging a war against the Columbian state over the past 52 years leaving over 220,000 dead

Comment(s) 8/30/2016

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