We need a debate on secularism in Turkey

NURAY MERT writes:

Parliament Speaker İsmail Kahraman sparked controversy last week after suggesting that secularism should not be included in Turkey’s new constitution, as this is a Muslim country

Comment(s) 5/2/2016

Turkey’s coups

NURAY MERT writes:

The Supreme Court of Appeals has overturned convictions in the Ergenekon coup plot trial as the alleged Ergenekon Terror Organization could not be found and identified

Comment(s) 4/25/2016

The ‘Muslim world’ and the Istanbul summit

NURAY MERT writes:

At the end of the Organization of Istanbul Cooperation’s (OIC) Istanbul summit, our Turkish president declared that “terrorism and violence are the two biggest issues facing the Muslim world”

Comment(s) 4/18/2016

Engaging Turkey

NURAY MERT writes:

Turkey’s pretense of being a Western(ized), secular country has long been challenged as being “superimposed.” I, for one, have always been a critic of the “radical Westernization project” of the Republican regime, since it could only be enforced by authoritarian politics

Comment(s) 4/11/2016

Kurds and the flames of fire

NURAY MERT writes:

I learned the price of getting involved in the political debate on the Kurdish issue after I started to focus on Kurdish politics in around 2009

Comment(s) 4/4/2016

The last hope of Turkey’s lazy democrats

NURAY MERT writes:

After the controversial Iranian-Turkish citizen businessman Reza Zarrab was arrested in the U.S. last week, it was not only cheered by thousands of ordinary Turkish citizens but also welcomed by all circles of opposition and dissidence as a fresh chance to weaken the ruling party.

Comment(s) 3/28/2016

Living with fear

NURAY MERT writes:

Two blasts have hit Turkey within a week and left us with all kinds of fears

Comment(s) 3/21/2016

The betrayal or the failure of the Islamists

NURAY MERT writes:

Islamists have betrayed all hopes of being a part of democratization processes in Muslim countries

Comment(s) 3/14/2016

Another wonderful week in Turkey

NURAY MERT writes:

Last week was another wonderful week in our country

Comment(s) 3/7/2016

The narrowing scope for democratic politics in Turkey

NURAY MERT writes:

The scope for democratic politics has always been limited in Turkey, but apart from during military coup eras it has never been as narrow as it is today

Comment(s) 2/29/2016

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