The perils of history in the New Turkey

NURAY MERT writes:

The commemoration of the centenary of the Dardanelles’ victory started as a show of nationalism in the wake of a coming election.

Comment(s) 3/23/2015

Women’s Day in Islamabad

NURAY MERT writes:

I happened to be in Islamabad on Women’s Day in Pakistan last week. The occasion was the sixth Think Thanks Forum of Islamic Countries; I used the opportunity to visit this beloved country for the third time and Pakistan’s Women’s Day was a good surprise

Comment(s) 3/16/2015

The parting ways of Kurdish peace and democratization

NURAY MERT writes:

The joint press conference of the Kurdish party delegation and the government over the weekend seems to have created new tension between the left/democrats and Kurds in Turkey

Comment(s) 3/2/2015

Temptations of power

NURAY MERT writes:

This is not a place for a book review, but Shadi Hamid’s “Temptations of Power: Islamists and Illiberal Democracy in a new Middle East” (Brookings Institute Book, 2014, Oxford University Press) needs to be mentioned, even if briefly, since Islamism and the Middle East never cease to be hot topics.

Comment(s) 2/23/2015

The Kurdish paradox

NURAY MERT writes:

After a series meetings between the government and the main Kurdish party, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), the pair has announced that they will prepare a “joint text” for the so-called “Kurdish resolution process.”

Comment(s) 2/16/2015

Is Turkey becoming the center of regional crises?

NURAY MERT writes:

Politicians are notorious about avoiding telling the truth; maybe that is why they need to apologize when they happen to tell the truth.

Comment(s) 2/9/2015

Presidential system or ‘supreme guidance’

NURAY MERT writes:

The president determined the basic topic of the coming general election as “constitutional change and the presidential system,” and he has personally begun to “campaign for the presidential system.”

Comment(s) 2/2/2015

An open letter to some ‘Western liberals and leftists’

NURAY MERT writes:

I am sick and tired of all those “well-intentioned” Western liberals and leftists who constantly pose as the most understanding of “the oppressed Orientals,” especially because I was one years ago.

Comment(s) 1/26/2015

Authoritarianism as weakness and a pitiable show of power

NURAY MERT writes:

Authoritarianism has always been both a “show of power” and an “expression of weakness.”

Comment(s) 1/19/2015

The Paris massacres: Sad, sad, sad!

NURAY MERT writes:

It is sad that innocent people have been murdered brutally. It is sad that the murderers did it in the name of a great religion.

Comment(s) 1/12/2015

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