TRT World to hold international forum in Istanbul

TRT World to hold international forum in Istanbul

TRT World to hold international forum in Istanbul

Turkey’s state-run broadcaster’s English-language channel TRT World will host 500 international guests, including scholars, politicians, journalists, NGO representatives, and other members of civil society at an event in Istanbul on Oct. 18 and 19.

The organizers say the TRT World Forum aims to bring together a diverse array of speakers specializing in different fields in order to explore and propose solutions to existing global and local problems.

“Our aim is to inspire a perspective that places humans at the center of the story, to bring unspoken issues to the forefront of the international agenda, and to focus on the responsibility of the media in a fast-changing world,” they said.

The forum under the theme of “Inspiring Change in an Age of Uncertainty” aims to provide a platform for academics, journalists, politicians and members of civil society to discuss, analyze and understand these pressing issues in order to identify possible solutions.

TRT World is a 24-hour international multimedia news organization based in Istanbul. It was launched in 2015.

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