RELIGION > 'Tomatoes are Christian,' Egyptian Salafi group warns

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The group's message on Facebook.

The group's message on Facebook.

A Salafi group called the "Popular Egyptian Islamic Association" has warned Muslims against eating tomatoes on the grounds that the fruit is a "Christian food," NowLebanon.com has reported. 
The group based its claim on the fact that a shape resembling a cross is revealed when one cuts a tomato in half. 
The association published the warning on its Facebook page with a photo of a tomato cut in half, revealing a cross-shaped interior. 

A message posted on the page read, "Eating tomatoes is forbidden because they are Christian. [The tomato] praises the cross instead of Allah and says that Allah is three [in reference to the Holy Trinity]."
The message went on to say, "I implore you to spread this photo because there is a sister from Palestine who saw the Prophet of Allah in a vision and he was crying, warning his nation against eating [tomatoes]. If you don’t spread this [message], know that it is the devil who stopped you.”
The message caused outrage among Facebook users, which prompted the group to clarify their warning, saying they did not tell people not to eat tomatoes. "We said don’t cut it in [such a way that it reveals] the cross shape.”


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Notice on comments

hanni bal

12/19/2013 8:46:02 AM

Definitely wonderful and nutritious tomatoes, but not this one, it was very cheap & trivial. Nice try.

Koopman Richard

9/4/2013 3:27:29 PM

What about cross roads... Oups! Traffic jams!

turkic voice

9/4/2013 1:00:33 AM

third time this article is up

Moiz Ali

9/2/2013 5:52:16 PM

Many who speak on behalf of Muslims has the mind and information of a " ten year old". To bring to publicity such a trifle matter " Tomatoes are Christians " based on the cross section of a tomato; shows the infantile mind set. Actually, the Quran teaches very differently; a passage says, " ... investigate an information given by even your enemy, before taking any action .." If the Muslims do not mature, their collective future would be pale.

Ken Alden

9/2/2013 1:39:44 PM

@Peter Kypros - you bring to mind the clossical idiom of Trojan Wars; "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts" You are trying to give an insidios meaning to a triffle opinion of an of an obsessed individual. FYI Peter, in one sense Islam preceeded the present day Western concept of Democracywhen it comes to Religious Freedom vs. Cristianity! Any Moslem is free to offer his/her opinion on meanings or understandin of ISLAM as long as its not Blasphamy, in Islam, God is ultimate wellspring of Enlightment!

Peter Kypros

9/1/2013 6:51:22 PM

It is interesting that the story came from an Islamic Organization in Egypt. Does this imply anything about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? One wonders what is behind these naive reports?

Ken Alden

9/1/2013 2:16:56 PM

@RIMON TREE - The first word of your 'Comments' describes you and your state of mind perfectly! There is no need to read any further!

s hill

9/1/2013 2:08:37 PM

I wonder what these twerps think about the Tomatina festival in Spain. Hundreds of Christian people thawing tomatoes at each other and getting covered in tomato juice. An orgy of Satan perhaps? Ridiculous and not newsworthy except for demonstrating how terrifyingly idiotic some people can be.

Rimon Tree

9/1/2013 12:03:23 PM

Nuts! LOL! And then you wonder why Islam has got such a bad reputation! Christians are eating a lot of food you are eating and Jews do even more! Best for you would be to stop eating at all! Shortest way to paradise! Do us the favour! Guys like you won't be missed much on earth!

Selim Bisevac

9/1/2013 9:49:24 AM

My Christian friends I have always enjoyed fried tomato , cooked and fresh and lets not all forget ketchup!! My hamburgers will bever be the same again... All food is a blessing from God no matter what shape . Please enjoy our islamic bananas with us as well. These articles don't deserve publication!! As a muslim I am very much opposed to such radical views whoever they come from period!!
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