MIDEAST > Three Syrians kidnapped in Beirut: state media

BEIRUT - Agence France-Presse

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Armed men kidnapped three Syrians in Beirut on Saturday, Lebanon's state NNA news agency reported, after a wave of mass kidnappings linked to the Syria conflict earlier this week.
The three men were taken from a banana storehouse on the road to Beirut international airport, NNA said.
The abductions came days after a Shiite Muslim clan kidnapped around 20 Syrians in Lebanon in retaliation for the reported abduction by a Syrian rebel group of one of their family members last week.
Two Turks have also been kidnapped, at least one of them by the Muqdad clan.

The wave of abductions caused several Gulf countries to tell their nationals to leave, while Turkey and the United states also warned of possible attacks against their citizens.


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Notice on comments

Yousif Yacoub

8/19/2012 4:28:51 AM

As i said before, we are harvesting the consequences of the faulty policies of Mr Erdogan;s government. While the brothers are fighting each other, USA,Israel and the west are singing and dancing. Weakening and fragmentation of the united Syria was their ultimate goal; it is graned to them on a golden plate by the regional governments without paying any price for!!. Congratulation!!. You have succeeded. Instead of being strategic allies, we became strategic enemies!. Hoeraaaa.

Ahmad Gür

8/18/2012 2:18:48 PM

US and its puppets goverments in the middle east thought Syria was like Irak,Afghanistan,Yemen,Bahrein.They initially thought they could manipulate the UN as they always do and just meddle in Syrian affairs.Now everybody can see things are getting out of hand and no one has a clue what will happen.All agree that Assad should leave but none of those singing this american song really believe Assad will leave.They say it apease Al Quaida fighting for them.

Aryeh Rapaport

8/18/2012 1:46:38 PM

Whats going to happen? Everyone (Syrians, Lebanese, Shia, Sunni) are going to kidnap each other? It will turn all of Middle East to horror and death zone as appose to war zone in Syria alone.
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