EUROPE > Three German-Turk children killed in apartment fire

BERLIN - The Associated Press

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AP file photo

AP file photo

Police say a fire in an apartment in the western German city of Dortmund has killed three children.
Spokesman Peter Schulz says a 4-year-old boy and his 12-year-old sister died on the spot today. Their 10-year-old brother died shortly after being taken to a nearby hospital.
Schulz says police have indications pointing to a crime as the blaze’s cause, and prosecutors have opened an investigation. The spokesman declined to elaborate about the ongoing investigation.
He said the family is of Turkish origin, but he gave no information on the parents’ whereabouts.


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Notice on comments

sam stevens

8/7/2012 9:09:05 PM

[dis] Honour killings are on the rise, thousands a year take place,like the one this week in Pakistan,where a young lawyer shot his sister ... in court at close range because she married someone HE & the family disapproved of. It's a hideous culture & we all know the origins of it, but no one dare speak its name! These mad brain washed people are nothing but cold blooded killers.

Mahmut Erdemli

8/4/2012 4:05:54 PM

Could you please direct me to resources where I can find information abouth the reason for this seemingly intentionally perpetrated act? Especially, some of you say that it is an honour killing. The news itself has no clue for this deduction.

Mahmut Erdemli

8/4/2012 4:03:10 PM

What is called honour killing is the one carried out by close relatives of girls for the acts of the latter, which is not approved by both the relatives and mainstream society. For example, a girl is murdered by her parents becase she has a boy friend because sex before marriage, apart from exceptions that are growing day by day, is not approved in Turkish society. That a wife is murdered by his husband because she has had sex with someone else is also honour killing.

american american

8/3/2012 9:19:29 PM

good thing those children knew both parents!

Red Tail

8/3/2012 6:15:44 PM

Mistique. It is called honor killing because the motive is to restore the honor of the familly by killing the woman. It does not mean that you or I or Turkey in general find it honorable, but that the murder is driven by that motive.

Johanna Dew

8/3/2012 5:41:20 PM

This is indeed the case as it reports: neglect by the new relation of the Turkish father, sad but the truth. @mystiqueholland: you spew every now and then some ridiculous 'facts' here, now that every week one child is killed by their parents in the Netherlands..you forgot to mention that it are ALWAYS honor/hate killings from people from ME and N. Africa. Thank you!!!

Tamer Aslantas

8/3/2012 5:15:43 PM

Thx for the update Red Tail!. How awful! How could you neglect your children like that? How could you murder little children? I can imagine their cries and faces when this happened. It brings tears to my eyes!

Red Tail

8/3/2012 4:52:05 PM

Tamer. It seems like the mother died a couple of years ago and that the father largely neglected the kids. The main suspect seems to be the fathers new girlfriend.

Tamer Aslantas

8/3/2012 3:13:22 PM

'Honor killngs', it's just a name! murder = murder! There is no honor in killing your own sister for that purpose. These killings are out of fear, hate, grief or combinations of emotions. It is sad these things happen. This was probably the work of some Nazi's. May their souls rest in peace for eternally!

Red Tail

8/3/2012 2:48:37 PM

mistique. So you are claiming that there are no honor killings? no women or siters are killed by relatives with the purpose of restoring the honor of the family?
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