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The Turkish passion for foreign women

Yes, as I said in my earlier blog entry, there’s an unexplainable passion in Turkish men for foreign women. I’ll keep this post simple, free of sociological attempts to explain why, when, how, how come, etc…

FOREIGN TO THE OTTOMAN PALACE: Meryem Uzerli who plays 'Hürrem Sultan' in the poplular TV series 'The Magnificient Century' (Muhteşem Yüzyıl) is an example of the foreign woman passion in Turkish men. Hürriyet Photo

In the eyes of the average Turkish man (I know your man is an exception. That’s why I’m saying the average. I know, yours is above the average – [Aha, you bet…]), foreign women are all of these: 

- Pretty.

- Mysterious.

- Pretty.

- Might be available for sex.

- They are a challenge; they provoke the desire to conquer.

- Their independent attitudes add to the challenge factor, it makes a man want to compete. Because they have freedom to select, to be selected by one of them makes the guy more of a hero, a winner, a champion.

- Coupling with one of them is prestigious.

- It’s so prestigious that your family, friends, colleagues will regard you differently…

- They are beautiful, they have fair skin.

- Their children might be prettier than one could ever imagine

- They have no clue who you really are. The language barrier and the cultural differences are such perfect obstacles to hiding your real identity that any jerk can pass up for a fairly decent guy.

- Because of the language barrier and the cultural mysteries, he can trick her into anything. (Oh, believe me; I have seen examples of this.) Do you want an example? Here it goes: The red virginity ribbon over the wedding dress: No sane urban educated Turkish woman would ever wear it. It is a village practice, it’s backward, it’s a disgrace to womanhood, we have been fighting to get rid of it and never to remember it for the past 80 years… And here comes a foreign bride who is ready to find everything surrounding her very exotic, (I wonder what she is told), and wears the horrible red ribbon over her beautiful white wedding dress, to announce that she is a virgin, (Aha, you bet…), taking us thousands of kilometers back…

- As a matter of fact, it is in our genes that the Turkish male adores foreign girls. The Ottoman sultans always married foreign women. As you can see in the TV soap opera “Muhteşem Yüzyıl” (Magnificent Century) which is being aired in neighboring countries, beautiful girls were taken as slaves from the lands the Ottomans conquered, (practically half of the world). The most pretty and the smartest of these girls ended up in the Ottoman Palace and became wives and mothers to Sultans…

- Oh, sorry, I will keep it simple. The cultural shock is so much in favor of the guy. He can exploit it as much as he wants.

- They are truly beautiful. They have fair skin.

- They are blond…

- They are pretty…

- Pretty…

- They Might be open to more sexual experimentation than an average uptight Turkish girl. (Aha, you bet…)

- Oh, God, they are pretty…

36Comments -July/06/2012

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Linda Paull

11/6/2013 5:34:34 PM

do you think it also might be because turkish society has such ridiculous expectations of both genders and being with a foreigner is an escape from not measuring up to a doctor/engineer. 90% of turkish men tell me this is the main reason for dating foreigners and most of the turkish women probably feel the same way. The other reason seems to be more independence/self-confidence which translates a less drama and control issues. Interesting that the author didn't mention these.

andrea dealmagro

5/6/2013 4:00:20 AM

This article is so funny! and so are many of the comments. I don't plan to marry again but just in case I am learning Turkish. First word I leaned was hayır. People are very varied and that is one of the things that makes life interesting. I don't think Turks are the only people that still have, in places, that thing for virgin brides.

Rabia Jay

10/23/2012 1:45:59 AM

I'm trying to work out how foriegn automatically equates to fair with blonde hair? This article would then only explain the attraction to fair skinned, blonde foreigners who happen to be "pretty". Any explanation to the affinity for other races? Or is this not commonplace enough? Im foreign and dark skinned, but got lots of male attention in Turkey. Still looking for answers.

bereli bereci

8/12/2012 10:17:21 PM

Except from the first two of the ottaman sultans all of the padishas married with foreing girls. Thi reason of this is the hatred to the turk citizens and the exlusion of the turkish thinking. Ottoman empire , in terms of administarative level, is not Turkish state. And He never gave the the Turks as much chance as that he gave to the collected boys from other nations .

Yıldız pascale

8/12/2012 11:22:14 AM

Lets not all forget, Turkey's full of men who graduate colleges and cannot get jobs, who are dreaming of finding a way to escape to other countries, get jobs, improve their foreign language skills etc., Foreign ladies are mainly a ticket out for Turkish men.

S. Tinaz

8/10/2012 8:31:46 AM

I think most "most not all" young Turkish men are easy and naive, they will follow any female who smiles at them weither she is Turkish or foreign :) Just think of them like a cute little puppy who will adore you :)) Jokes are aside, I think these days people fall in love and get married with anyone their heart desires, something which couldn't be done so easily in the olden days.

Peter Kypros

8/10/2012 8:29:06 AM

Turkish women should fight back by getting more in shape, fashion, independence, education. They could easily beat the foreign women in this area. Physical beauty and sex is what attract men the most in general with some small exceptions.

S. Tinaz

8/10/2012 8:10:15 AM

I ran out of place on my first comment, but to complete what I was saying: Most of the sehzade mothers were foreign because they were Padisah's slaves and he didn't have to marry them But Turkish families and their daughters were not his slaves, so he could not take them into the palace unless he married them and make her family relatives of the royal line, which was not desirable, because they did not want other Turkish families to have rights to the throne by being included the to royal line.

S. Tinaz

8/10/2012 7:56:39 AM

Sultans did not marry foreign women, ( except Hurrem Sultan and few Turkish brides from Crimea and Turkic countries) but they had foreign women in the Harem to be Sehzade mothers if they were fit to be one and chosen by ruling sultan's mother, if not chosen then they served in the palace as a servent of lady sultans etc. Turkish Padisah's did not want any royal compatition to themselves so their chosen partners were sort of their foreign slave girls who came without family attachments from past.

Aussie Male

8/10/2012 1:41:35 AM

This is great news - it means there are more Turkish women available for foreign men. I'm an Australian (of Irish descent) and I married my Turkish princess 4 years ago. Turkish women are absolutely wonderful - not to mention jaw-droppingly beautiful.
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