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Riding high, causing the whole world to marvel… Why would a company that represents the modern face of Turkey do this?

There are two possibilities.

- Either “The taste of success has spoiled Turkish Airlines” and they are suffering from height intoxication. With a self-confidence of, “These suckers, these passengers would not oppose whatever we do,” with the manner of putting a brick in the construction of a conservative society, they have made such a ridiculous decision.

- Or: The company executives have totally lost their management skills.

What does this mean now? “Alcoholic drinks are not to be served except for six domestic routes because of low demand.”

Dear brother.

- ONE: What does it mean, low demand? If I board a plane tomorrow on one of these routes and ask for a beer to chill out, won’t my demand be included in the calculation? Is it no demand or are there complaints involved?

- TWO: Isn’t this separatism, what you are doing?

What do you mean? Do you mean those who fly to the western cities of this country are “profanes,” and those flying to the rest are clean believers?

The outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) was not able to separate this country, but now, great, you have transformed Turkey into such a faith federation.

Let go of these excuses.

Make more persuasive, more reasonable explanations to people, to us, those who love Turkish Airlines so heartily, those who recommend it to everybody, who are proud of it.

Speak the truth.

Come out and say: “Brothers, we are conservative people. Our faith rejects alcoholic drinks. We have found an excuse, and we are removing them.” Say, “There is pressure on us, we cannot resist it anymore.”

But don’t take us for suckers and hide behind the so-called gimmick of “no demand.”

Yesterday, there were those freakish uniforms; today, there is the alcoholic drink ban.

Well, tomorrow?

You cannot board the plane in a short skirt, in inappropriate outfits.

Is this the course of events?

This is what you call the Middle East

The moment I heard about the treacherous bomb attack at the border post Cilvegözü, these thoughts crossed my mind:

- That place is the Middle East.

If there is a fight; you don’t calculate for the children.

- That place is the Middle East.

If there is a war, human lives aren’t even counted on fingers.

- That place is the Middle East.

If there is a war, the truck with a bomb does not ask for directions.

- That place is the Middle East.

If it is the cause that is in question, then the rest is detail.

- That place is the Middle East.

If it is the cause that is in question, then treachery is fair.

- That place is the Middle East.

Suicide bombers were invented there; manliness has died in the entire world big time.

- That place is the Middle East.

Our place is not there; it is here.


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2/13/2013 4:44:18 PM

I am not a serious drinker but would love a couple of ice-cold beers while flying through Turkey, specially in the summertime. Not being afforded the liberty of doing so is reason enough not to fly with THY. As far as the new uniforms are concerned, something a bit more European and or a bit more contemporary would have been equally refreshing but not a requirement. Regards

mara mcglothin

2/13/2013 4:40:27 PM

SAM Turks are just like everybody else the World over. I told some of my friends about the changes at THY and they clearly said, "It is no big deal because we only fly THY internationally or between the favored infidel cities and it doesn't really matter to them what goes on on the flights that they do not take. This is the problem these days everywhere. If it doesn't effect you directly then it isn't a problem. No one is standing for what is right, just for their own petty comforts. Sad.

mara mcglothin

2/13/2013 4:37:44 PM

Burek Bekdil had it right so many months ago when he wrote a column that said it would boil down to a fight between "the pious and the more pious" There are Muslim Turks who don't prefer to drink, but they have no problem with another person doing so. There are also girls who don't prefer to cover their heads, but consider themselves pious muslims and don't have a problem with others doing as they see fit. When the government starts to legislate behavior, then it is a problem.

Nuri Gotham

2/13/2013 2:35:37 PM

From the business point of view there is no rational in making the changes,in the areas of alcohol and uniforms, by a succesful THY,specifically when flying with global aspirations. Evidently,even the government owns % 49 of the airline, still have full control over the operations of THY and the share holder's votes are not effective.The rational behind the changes is similar to banning alcohol at the venues run by AKP's Istanbul miunicipalities; Good bye to Ataturk's practices,hello to Islam.

sam stevens

2/13/2013 11:09:20 AM

Not only are they going to lose revenue, they will soon see a drop in UK travellers ! Having driven to an airport, hung around an airport waiting to check in , sat in a departure lounge for a lengthy period & finally boarded the plane, there's no drink more enjoyable than that G&T or glass of wine, deny us that & no thanks THY, we will take another plane ! The THY will be mocked as ......Turkey Hates You.
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