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Military mobilization in Aleppo can be a
‘red line’ for Turkey, says Clinton. AP Photo

Military mobilization in Aleppo can be a ‘red line’ for Turkey, says Clinton. AP Photo

Turkey believes that the recent wave of bloody attacks on civilians by Syrian forces is a clear indication of the disintegration of the military and a loss of control, expressing its concerns that a massing of the Syrian military near Aleppo could result in massive migration toward the Turkish border.

“The disintegration of the military has begun. The al-Assad regime has started to lose control. It’s desperately attacking populous residential areas,” is the assessment in Ankara, a source told the Hürriyet Daily News.

Since the beginning of the implementation of U.N. special envoy Kofi Annan’s six-point plan on April 12, the violence committed by Syrian forces and pro-regime militias has changed color as it turned bloodier and more threatening, according to Ankara. Burning corpses and killing children are seen as moves of a military that has already lost control.

Use of attack choppers

The use of attack choppers, particularly in operations against urban structures of Syrian opposition groups, is another indication of this shift, according to Ankara. The Syrian move to purchase 15 attack choppers from Russia is being evaluated in light of this Syrian army strategy.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov yesterday denied a claim by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that “there are attack helicopters on the way from Russia to Syria.” Lavrov said during a visit to Iran that Russia was completing earlier weapons contracts with Syria exclusively for air defense systems. “The Syrian army has just one division, which is being moved from one city to another. Their recent target seems to be Aleppo, which is home to some 4 million Syrians in its greater region,” the source said.

Clinton urges red line

This observation by Ankara is also shared by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She warned on June 12 about the massing of Syrian forces near Aleppo over the last two days, saying such deployment could be a “red line” for Turkey “in terms of their strategic and national interests.”
“We are watching very carefully,” she said in Washington. “This term of ‘red line’ is not our terminology,” a senior Foreign Ministry official told the Daily News yesterday. “But this reflects the importance we attach to this specific development in Aleppo,” the official said, expressing concerns that an offensive in such a large city could cause hundreds of thousands to flee across the Turkish border.

Turkey is planning to take some precautions along or inside the Syrian border only if the refugee situation becomes uncontrollable.

According to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, the number of Syrian migrants in Turkey has increased to nearly 30,000 with 2,500 more crossing the border in the last 48 hours. The fact that more wounded refugees are crossing the border shows that Syrian forces have increased the level of their violent acts against civilians.

The establishment of a buffer zone or creating humanitarian corridors could be considered Turkey’s contingency plan for such a situation but requires a multilateral consensus.


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Notice on comments

ilker avni

6/15/2012 12:21:04 AM

@cloud chaser Where in my comment did i mention it was a good thing for turkish troops to enter Syrian conflict, ?Their is a difference in turkish troops entering for humanitarian reasons, then when israel who invades to destroy and kill. Try reading my comment again or change your glass,s. @Mr Somila, I am sorry your views on America is totaly out of order,who saved your country from starvation many times?American aid,who is fighting on your behalf against terroists? in your country?America.

US Observer

6/14/2012 9:52:11 PM

Yes I can see "Syrians love their government"! It's clear for all to see. I think what Clinton was saying it is a "Red Line" in terms of NATO, not Turkey..but I could be wrong. Hey whatever, this whole mess is the USA's fault. Disregard Russia and Iran's role :/ Quoting the esteemed Mr Somalia, "hold on for another 50-60 years", the US will fall and China will rise on a white horse to be a beacon of light.


6/14/2012 4:16:58 PM

I have one question: Why is Madame Clinton drawing Turkish red lines? Unfortunately, Syrians slaughtering each other by itself is not reason enough for Turkey to act unilaterally. National interests and security needs to be threatened directly first for such an extreme measure. Arab Laeuge holds keys to this, they need to lead since UN can not.

kerem atan

6/14/2012 12:52:19 PM

turkey should not fall into the trap of usa.clinton is trying to drag turkey into a war with syria. with her every remarks, she instigates Turkey to intervene in syria. the thing is some turks are so much into war scenarios and advocating an invervention in syria.think we should just mind our business. after all,SYRIA IS NOT OUR ISSUE!!!

MR Somalia

6/14/2012 11:54:54 AM

America and Israel are always behind all evil causes on the planet and one does not need to list them. Their economies in the red is a good indication that they about to end sooner than later. We just have to hold on for another 50-60 years if not less. It's like going to a football match, everyone boohoos USA and Israel. Syrians love their government. Al Assad has done so much only those that know know it. He changed it since taking over from his father. It had the lowest crime rates in ME.

cloud chaser

6/14/2012 9:50:48 AM

@ilker avni - Let me get this straight: On the one hand - Turkey sending troops into Syria is a good thing. On the other hand - Israel sending troops into Lebanon is a bad thing. As long is we don't hold double standards...

Eric Martin

6/14/2012 3:19:43 AM

The rebels need to take control of some cities to get more weapons they need.

ilker avni

6/14/2012 2:01:57 AM

If the russian have it they way this civil war will drag on, so that they can sell more arms via Iran who is footing the bills for Assad.This problem in Syria will take years for it to be solved even after Assad goes.This civil war will spread to Lebanon and will involve Hezbollah,the west would love to rid Lebanon of Hezbollah and i wouldnt be supprised if israel uses any excuse to enter Lebanon again to finish of Hezbollah/

ilker avni

6/14/2012 1:07:24 AM

Aleppo is a Sunnie stronghold,if Assad forces slaughter thousands of civillians then i cant see Turkey standing idle and watch from the sidelines while this tradegy happens,Turkey and Nato will intervein with a no fly zone to begin with,then a corridore for humanitarian aid.Turkish soldiers will be involved weither we like it or not.Weither Iran likes it or not,Turkey and the rest of the world can not standby while thousands maybe killed.

john albay

6/14/2012 12:18:40 AM

who can believe one word out of the mouth of mrs clinton! Just read wickileaks and you know how she works and thinks. The quicker she is replaced the better off the world will be she is a disgrace to the USA. I bet she and he goverment stirred up this trouble in the first place with the evil cia.
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