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Milord Style House, which offers handmade menswear products, aims to help men find their own true style . It accompanies men during their journey to eternal style

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Milord’s founder Namık Gökçeer says that Milord is far from being a fashion or haute couture house.

Milord’s founder Namık Gökçeer says that Milord is far from being a fashion or haute couture house.

“Being well-dressed” and “dressing well” are indeed two different concepts. True, they sound similar, as if they mean the same thing. But let us to look carefully around us. We will see many stylish men wearing pieces by renowned designers and brands.

However, few of these men could be fairly classified as “well-dressed” by simply reflecting their own “style.” The most probable explanation for this would be “dressing by obeying the rules of permanent fashion,” instead of being mesmerized by temporary fashion trends.

Milord Style House, which has recently been opened on Nişantaşı’s famous Abdi İpekçi Street, is accompanying men during their journey to eternal style. It helps men find their own style and develop.

‘Permanent fashion’

Milord’s primary objective is to bring the idea of “permanent fashion” to the present day and to spread it among urban men.

Milord’s motto summarizes it all: “Style House is committed to giving you back to you.”

Namık Gökçeer, Milord’s founder, is a designer who has spent years working in menswear. His sartorial journey began in 1983 at Vakko, a prominent Turkish brand, and continued with Hugo Boss, Sarar and Cerruti. According to Gökçeer, Milord is far from being a fashion or haute couture house. It is the very definition of a “Style House.” It is perfectly in line with the famous quote of Yves Saint Laurent: “Fashion fades, style is eternal.”

Milord aims to create an original style for men, taking each man’s unique physical characteristics into account. Gökçeer thinks that when it comes to suits and other pieces, nothing can replace bespoke, tailor-made garments. Hence, Milord suits are sewn by hand for each customer’s unique physical characteristics, and are 100 percent handmade. Modeling, fitting a suit and making it almost like an extension of a man’s body requires real tailoring expertise. With this in mind, Milord offers carefully prepared products with high quality.

“At Milord, we don’t believe in fashion and its magical but temporary, daily trends. What matters to us are eternal, timeless and ‘permanently fashionable’ garments of the highest quality. Yes, a word like ‘fashion’ - which is almost equal to constant change - doesn’t seem to fit next to the word ‘permanent,’ but that is what we do in Milord and we do it on purpose,” explains Namık Gökçeer.


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