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The image used for the Wikipedia page of 'Athillas Thasos.'

The image used for the Wikipedia page of 'Athillas Thasos.'

Turkish social media users have started a campaign to pass Turkish singer Atilla Taş off as a Greek after his song, “Yamyam Style” – inspired by the global phenomenon “Gangnam Style” – caused embarrassment when it was posted on YouTube.

People began commenting on Taş’s YouTube video, describing him as a Greek singer and pretending to express their admiration for him as a supposedly Greek musician with comments like “I Love Greece! I Love Athillas Tashos!” “Greeks are very lucky, they have Athillas Thasos” “Best of Greece,” “I love You, Greek music.”

Another video was uploaded onto YouTube introducing the singer as “Athillas Thasos” instead of Atilla Taş.

The movement spread quickly across social media, jumping to 9Gag and Twitter, while the hashtag #athillasthasos briefly trended worldwide.

A Wikipedia page was also created for Athillas Thasos, but administrators have since placed a large notice at the top explaining that the page is set for deletion due to its lack of citations.

Turkish social media users are continuing to comment on the video.

As of this morning, the original “Gangnam Style” video by South Korean rapper PSY has attracted over 457 million views on YouTube.


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Notice on comments

constantinos kio

10/16/2012 2:52:54 PM

@ dutch cruel world for you . try to be far from anythning greek .


10/16/2012 11:35:59 AM

The Turks did this time exactly the same what the Greeks always do; add a -S and sell it to the world as Greek !!!! What goes around comes around. ATHILAS THASOS THE SON OF ZEUS we love you!!! Regards from the Netherlands.

Sid Mark

10/15/2012 7:38:39 PM

@Kerem.Your jokes are tasteless and provocative.We do not claim everything to be ours but what is ours is ours.


10/15/2012 7:11:08 PM

@kerem atan. You wrote, " all they do is call turks barbarians and mongols on every forum and make anti turkish propaganda." I believe you are painting with a very wide brush here as there are many Greeks who do not. There are however many of us, who find it ethically appropriate in disproving and or negating a lot of the one sided Turkish nationalist propaganda and rhetoric motivated and propagated by Turkey's best interests in mind. The type one often encounters in the Turkish media. Regards

kerem atan

10/15/2012 5:17:34 PM

@Sid Mark its ur problem if u cant take a joke and ur taking it seriously. greeks lack sense of humour apparently. all they do is call turks barbarians and mongols on every forum and make anti turkish propaganda.

Recep Ozel

10/15/2012 4:23:29 PM

Note, under AKP Atilla Taş may be officially Greek, as I remember many years ago on the Hülya Avşar show he openly stated that he is following the the Christian religion.

Betül Aydoğdu

10/15/2012 4:09:12 PM

But wait.. I think he looks like Joseph-Gordon Lewitt in Looper! He might be him as well..

Turk Uzan

10/15/2012 2:42:29 PM

@ Niko's, no one claimed otherwise. @ Sid, Atilla was not a Mongol, Greeks come from Ethiopia (by your logic) @ Turkic voice, he's Turkish like the article clearly states @ Everyone, Chill out people, it's a JOKE, we're so ashamed of this guy and his embarrassing copy of an already very bad song (in my opinion), so we act like he's not Turkish, It's a JOKE, lighten up

turkic voice

10/15/2012 1:25:32 PM

Im confused so is he Greek or Turkish???


10/15/2012 11:49:11 AM

I am sure nobody in Greece knows this guy. I haven't heard this song but it has to be awful for bloggers to react this way. Very childish reaction though, for internal use only because only by accident can Greeks or other foreigners listen to it, personally I see it here first time.
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