Signed Monroe photo sold at British auction

Signed Monroe photo sold at British auction

Signed Monroe photo sold at British auction

The signed photo of Marilyn Monroe was given to Jack Cole, the choreographer for ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.’

The highest-valued lot at the International Autograph Auctions, which took place in London March 24, was a signed photograph of Marilyn Monroe, BBC News reported. The photograph was originally given to Jack Cole, who was the choreographer for “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.”

Monroe scrawled across the picture in light blue ink: “Jack -- You certainly can -- and I’m not mad! Marilyn.” The photo was sold for 20,088 pounds, including taxes and buyer’s premium.

An autograph book containing a sketch of a shark drawn by Damien Hirst also in the auction sold for 4,664 pounds. The doodle references the artist’s famous work consisting of a tiger shark pickled in formaldehyde, and was given to an unnamed chauffeur as a tip. “A great drive,” the artist wrote along the top of the page. This sale came in the same week that critic Julian Spalding said Hirst’s work was “not art,” and concerns that the market for his works is bottoming out. Alongside Hirst’s sketch, the autograph book also contained signatures from the likes of Alan Bennett, Julie Walters, Alastair Campbell and Ricky Gervais.

An exhibition catalogue signed by Hirst also sold for 900 pounds at the same auction. A spokesman for the auction house said an unadorned page bearing the artist’s signature would normally raise about 100 pounds.

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