ANIMALS >Seals from Cuba become latest attractions in Turkey’s Antalya


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The latest habitants to join the Antalya Aquarium, three cute seals brought from Cuba, have drawn tourists’ attention in the southern province of Antalya. 

The three cute seals, “Setareh,” “Amigo” and “Milad,” have wooed visitors to the Antalya Aquarium with their friendly and communicative manners. 

Tourists have taken pictures with these cute seals in the pool, watching them pose for the cameras and kissing them.

“They communicate very well with people and especially with the children. They show immense affection. Our visitors have the chance to watch the seals here,” the aquarium’s general manager, Kemal Kumkumoğlu, told Doğan News Agency.

“We have shows with the seals every hour. If our visitors want they can go into the pool close to the seals, touching and feeding them. They can even swim in the pool together. Seals pose for the cameras and kiss the tourists,” said Kumkumoğlu.

The Antalya Aquarium is Europe’s second biggest aquarium and the world’s fifth biggest. The gigantic complex also houses the world’s biggest underwater aquarium tunnel, 131 meters in length and three meters wide. 

There are more than 40 thematic tanks in the park, including species from the world’s seas, oceans, rivers, and lakes. The aquarium has more than 5,000 species of fish, including sharks and moray eels.


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