What can you do for Zero Emissions Day?

ERSU ABLAK writes:

Yesterday was a very important day. It was both International Peace Day and Zero Emissions Day (ZeDay)

Comment(s) 9/22/2016

Hackers don’t do vacations

ERSU ABLAK writes:

When I searched on Google about hackers and cyberattacks, the amount of news that came through made me realize that while most of us in Turkey may be on vacation, hackers certainly are not

Comment(s) 9/15/2016

How to gather intelligence and act on it?

ERSU ABLAK writes:

Last week the first breed of Bayraktar* drones began their duty

Comment(s) 9/8/2016

Would Apple ever have an HQ in Turkey?

ERSU ABLAK writes:

Two days ago, I felt really good when I saw Deputy PM Mehmet Şimşek’s tweet to Apple.

Comment(s) 9/1/2016

Stop exploiting Internet users

ERSU ABLAK writes:

Internet is today a commodity that many people cannot even imagine a day without having access to

Comment(s) 8/18/2016

The importance of human resources

ERSU ABLAK writes:

I cannot begin to explain how important Türk Telekom is to Turkey

Comment(s) 8/11/2016

Failed institutions 1: TİB

ERSU ABLAK writes:

“For judicial and administrative institutions and other actual and legal individuals to benefit from all the facilities, we serve them the best quality, secure and human-oriented approach to technology

Comment(s) 8/4/2016

Turkish telecommunication infrastructure reloaded

ERSU ABLAK writes:

Turkey has improved its information and communication technologies (ICT) infrastructure greatly over the years

Comment(s) 7/28/2016

‘Is Twitter still a menace?’ or ‘The technological side of the coup’

ERSU ABLAK writes:

During the Gezi protests in 2013, then-Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan had called all social media outlets, especially Twitter, a menace to society

Comment(s) 7/21/2016

The spectacular revival of Pokémon

ERSU ABLAK writes:

I was born in 1980 and Pokémon was launched in 1996

Comment(s) 7/14/2016

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