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Azerbaijan’s Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov (R) and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton give a joint news conference in Baku in this June 6 photo. REUTERS Photo.

Azerbaijan’s Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov (R) and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton give a joint news conference in Baku in this June 6 photo. REUTERS Photo.

The Armenian and Azerbaijani foreign ministers were set to hold a meeting in Paris late yesterday to discuss the latest developments in the Nagorno-Karbakh conflict. 

Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov left for Paris yesterday to meet his Armenian counterpart Edward Nalbandian, their discussion is expected to address the Nagorno-Karabakh peace settlement process. 

The meeting is also expected to be attended by the co-chairs of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s (OSCE) Minsk Group, which was set up after the 1994 Karabakh ceasefire to help bring about a peaceful resolution to the conflict. 

Voicing new elements

The U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for adherence to the three basic principles of conflict settlement: territorial integrity, people’s right to self-determination and the non-use of force, during her visit to the South Caucasus earlier this month. Meanwhile, new offers will be presented on the Karabakh peace process during the meeting, Armenian News.am website cited experts as saying. The website said that Clinton offered both Azerbaijan and Armenia the opportunity to voice new elements on the Karabakh peace process during her recent visit to the two neighboring countries. 

During the meeting in Paris, new offers will be presented on the Karabakh peace process, as was previously outlined, expert Alexander Markarov told Armenian News-NEWS.am. Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Elman Abdullayev confirmed to the Anatolia news agency that the two foreign ministers would discuss the Nagorno-Karabakh issue during the meeting.


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Notice on comments


6/29/2012 7:45:31 PM

if i were azerbaijan government, i would enter karabagh and i would send them their homeland to armenia, otherwise this occupied land problem will never solve, as i write here before, neither russia nor u.s or france is gonna solve this problem because of their interest in caucasus.

Chas Spencer

6/27/2012 12:23:10 PM

Greg, here is the first sentence of your last statement "I DRAW NO CONCLUSIONS CHAS" Sowhat are we talking about? Which of the two words did you not understand in my initial statement "AZERI LAND"? Was it "Azeri' or was it 'Land' ? The logic of my statement speaks for itself. Greg, you are't a "Wel informed reader" but you are a "Wel Biased" reader" with the pretense of Neutrality. Have nice life Greg!

greg sarkisian

6/26/2012 6:53:31 PM

i draw no conclusions chas. it is your conclusions i am interested in. u r right that what someone believes is not worth much. But the logic used to form those beliefs has great value. My purpose here is to have u examine the logic u use to generate your conclusions. Does not look like u r in a position to do that. so do well informed readers a favor. b4 u get back on any site to push the “azeris are predominant” argument, be sure u have your argument lined up good and tight.

Chas Spencer

6/26/2012 1:22:17 PM

@Greg - you believe whatever you want to believe in and there must have been a majority of such believes during & after Independence to force newly formed Armenia to war & missery. I believe based on my conclussion. Both our beliefs put together are not worth a Farthing in the face of missery of War caused by hatred. Chas over and out, have nice life Greg, being consummed by selfrighteous conclussions.

greg sarkisian

6/25/2012 8:44:46 PM

Alright Chas. One statement at a time. So u believe that the region name, which is a hybrid of languages (russian / armenian, azeri), can be used to conclude that "the Predominant owners thruout History were Azeri's". And that being "correct" logic, it means, regardless of whether there was an ethnic mix of people in NKR, the Azeri's (just one of those ethnicities) have a right to dominate the political destiny of the entire group? Is that what u azeris are arguing?

Chas Spencer

6/23/2012 5:30:29 PM

@Greg - I was curious about the issue did some checkingg and found out tha t the name, even in Armenian wass "Garabaq", it was cvontested by Armenia based on the claim that mojority of population were Armenians. Armenia won the War but had no Legal basis to incorporate the region so it formed an "INDEPENDET" entity, to be incorporated at an Opportune time or annexe it a la Sudetenland, folowing the illfated Neville Chamberlain's Munich "Surender". There must be a better Solution!

Chas Spencer

6/23/2012 6:24:49 AM

@Greg Re Azeri Land - The only constant in this issue is that the region;s name does not change in the language of contesting parties thuout the Regions Historic name remains the same, "Karabakh. Russian, Turkic/Turkish and most important in Armenian it is given as Lernayin Garabaq. This fact contributed to my conclusion that the Predominant owners thruout History were Azeri's. In Conclussion you and I, we both are entitled to our opinion! Have nice day, Chas.

greg sarkisian

6/20/2012 7:08:28 PM

Not following your last sentence Chas. What are you trying to say in your comment "the name of the name "Karabagh (Black Orchard is Azeri Land!" mean?

Chas Spencer

6/19/2012 7:45:37 AM

Both Azerbeycan & Armenia are former members of the former Soviet Union and should be fully versed and aware of the thinking process of the Rulers in Kremlin. Any decision rendered by Moscow, will be that of national expediency of ther domestic needs and advantage. Solution rests in Baku & Yerevan, both to have to yild to get something in return. Then again history tells us that people in yerivan in their own mindm are never wrong. the name of the name "Karabagh (Black Orchard is Azeri Land!
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