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Were the Reyhanlı deadly blasts a coincidence? Just the other day, though many questions remain on what future they see for the Arab country, the U.S. and Russia seem to have finally come to an agreement on Syria. A few days from now, precisely on May 16, Turkey’s absolute ruler Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will be received at the White House by President Barack Hussein Obama. Just moments after the blast Turkish officials placed the blame squarely on Syria but could Bashar al-Assad and his Baas government be that foolish as to contract a Turkish clandestine group (which has been often in coalition with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party – PKK) to such heinous actions? Could not al-Assad think that with such heinous undertakings he would make it easier for Turkish and American leaders finally decide to formally join in the Syria war on the side of the rebels? Can he be that foolish?

Turkish officials have “proudly” announced that even though two trucks loaded with explosives successfully evaded Turkish intelligence and security network – which were reportedly placed on red alert four days before the blasts – they have “captured” nine people in connection with the Reyhanlı carnage. At least two more suspects were reportedly still on the run. Officials have not revealed the identity of the “captured” suspects, those still on the run or the organization the suspects belonged to. Yet, it was obvious that they were pointing at the DHKP/C – a leftist urban terrorist group which has been often contracted by the PKK. Still, Turkish security people ruled out immediately any possible PKK connection in the blasts. They ruled out probable al-Nusra – a Sunni Islamist terrorist group very much connected to the al-Qaeda network – involvement also. But, Interior Minister Muammer Güler’s statement that the attacks were carried out by a group linked to Syria’s intelligence service Al-Mohabarat and that all nine in detention were members of that group blurred however the DHKP/C connection. Still, did Turkey detained those nine people as a result of an investigation, or did Turkish officials decided first which organization the culprit was and started a round-up accordingly?

Well, this is Turkey and even if we ourselves have not personally lectured through bitter experience, we all know the extraordinary “success” stories of the Turkish police. Just to see an end to very persuasive “interrogation” one may confess to even killing a mammoth, even if it became extinct at prehistoric times.

Obviously, there might be two valid motives behind the Reyhanlı blasts. They could be work of those wishing to pull Turkey actively into the Syria quagmire; or they could be work of those who want to show Turkey what consequences it might risk if it continued covertly and overtly supporting in many ways the Syrian rebels. Thus, the blasts could be work of the Syrian rebels as much as they could be work of the al-Assad regime. Obviously because of the “good terrorist” image the government has been trying to paint for the PKK, so far the separatist gang has been spared in this who to blame game.

The toll of the Reyhanlı blasts – as this article was penned down – was 46 and at least three people were in critical condition while scores were in intensive care units. It was obvious that the tragedy was produced by a serious security flop. How it happened that in such a high-security region intelligence could not track two bomb-laden trucks for four days. There are claims that at least two more bomb-laden cars are on the roads in the region. Perhaps we should concentrate on capturing such vehicles before they are set off somewhere.


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5/14/2013 10:10:06 AM

Great article thanks Mr. Kanlı. I guess real culprits behind this heinous attack are connected to CIA. CIA- aided terrorist groups have a free hand in the region thanks to our absolute ruler sultan Tayyib.

Blue Dotterel

5/13/2013 7:43:03 PM

Murat, Turkey had a "choice". They could have chosen not to illegally supply terrorists in a neighboring country with, arms, training, fighters, and financial support. Had they gone against the US desire to destroy Syrian independence, they would have saved a lot of Syrian, and Turkish, lives. The AKP chose to be a party in this illegal enterprise against the Syrian people, and are responsible for this death and destruction, along with Israel, NATO, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Criminal regimes all.


5/13/2013 6:34:21 PM

Truly dark forces at work. We have seen this before. Long history of unresolved murders and bombings in this area. Real culprits have always managed to stay in the shadows. Frankly, from the start, it was not a choice for Turks to stay out of the Syrian quagmire. When a house next to yours is on fire, praying and burying head in the sand are of no use.


5/13/2013 5:26:57 PM

Assad won't provide a pretext for interference, when smashing FSA and enjoying winds of US-Russian truce. But FSA needs saved from extinction and Erdoğan's ambitions from the millstone of their sinking. The two have likely combined for an Ikhwan-internal conspiracy to false-flag NATO into open warfare. Thus, the 'usual patsies' were quickly squeezed to confess Assad's guilt, which 'evidence' will be presented to Don Kerry and O'Bomber in pleas for a NATO 'no-fly' Nature Reserve for contra pets.

Blue Dotterel

5/13/2013 3:25:33 PM

Didn't Erdogan recently refuse to admit some 400 Syrian terrorists into Turkey. Perhaps this was a kind of message. unlikely to be Assad. Why would he do this when he is winning the war against the AKP supported terrorists. It is most likely the terrorists hoping provoke an intervention. This is a consequence of the AKP's wrongheaded policy in supporting Syrian terrorists. The AKP leadership is responsible for this.

dennis kavaz

5/13/2013 7:33:31 AM

On the whole the individuals without being certain who the culprits were, but than they are urging Turkey to retaliate (kill innocent people) they are neither helpful nor responsive towards Turkey. Whoever was behind assault although excruciating, still for Turkey to attack in the dark to kill or be killed is wrong and immature; Turkey must wait and endure the consequences nonetheless.
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