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ISTANBUL - Doğan News Agency

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DHA Photo

DHA Photo

An Istanbul prosecutor has demanded journalist Ahmet Şık serve between three and seven years in jail for "insulting" and "threatening" state officials during a speech following his release pending trial in the OdaTV case, Doğan news agency has reported.
The indictment, which followed an investigation by Silivri prosecutor Necip Doğan, has demanded that the journalist be sent back to prison for the statement he made upon his release.  
If the high court accepts the indictment, Şık will face another trial in the near future.
As he was being released from prison after nearly a year in jail, Şık said justice would only be served when the ones who were responsible for putting him in prison were sent to prison themselves.
“The police, prosecutors and judges who set up and carried out this conspiracy will enter this prison. Justice will come when they enter here. Those men connected to religious communities and gangs will enter here,” Şık said March 12 in relation to the moves to arrest journalists and students in Turkey.
The case regarding OdaTV, an online news portal known for its fierce criticism of government policies, began after the police conducted a search of the website’s offices in February last year as part of the ongoing Ergenekon investigation. Ergenekon is an alleged ultranationalist gang accused of plotting to overthrow the government by fomenting chaos in society.


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