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MOSCOW - The Associated Press

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree that could hinder an EU probe into gas company Gazprom’s activities in Europe.

The European Commission last week launched a probe to find out whether Gazprom blocked competition in gas markets in Central and Eastern Europe. State-owned Gazprom has been under pressure for its pricing for some time.
Seven days after the EU started the investigation, Putin signed a decree on Tuesday, barring strategic Russian enterprises from disclosing information to foreign regulators, changing contracts and selling property abroad without government permission. The law also specifies that these companies will need permission to change the pricing of their foreign contracts.
Under the law, Gazprom will not be able to cooperate fully and timely with regulators and investigators abroad.
Gazprom could not immediately comment.


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Notice on comments

A Shmolik

9/14/2012 2:34:11 PM

Whether EU likes or not, Citizen Putin, with a stroke of a pen negated the EU subjecting the EU Markets to the State Control of regimented Economy! Is the World Trade Organization next?

Sid Mark

9/11/2012 8:06:20 PM

Oh mr.Putin.Shut the flow completely and drive them back to the middle ages.You have other countries to sell your gas to.China and India.

Tekion Particle

9/11/2012 7:19:46 PM

Depending on Russian gas was a mistake from the offset. It is time that the EU realise the future implications of Putin's action and wind down the dependency on Russian gas. EU is not equipped to deal with an authoritarian like Putin who had entire Russian population yielding to him. A complete dependency on Russian gas would mean he could do the same to Europe.
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