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Protestors wait for police officers behind their barricade on Sept 12, at Kadiköy in Istanbul. AFP photo

Protestors wait for police officers behind their barricade on Sept 12, at Kadiköy in Istanbul. AFP photo

Police once again resorted to tear gas and water cannon against protesters denouncing the death of a demonstrator in Antakya for a third day on Sept. 12.
Fresh demonstrations were staged in Istanbul's Anatolian-side district of Kadıköy, which witnessed a severe crackdown a day earlier. Police also intervened in demonstrations in the Asian suburb of Sarıgazi and in the European suburb of Gazi.
In Kadıköy, protesters gathered around 9 p.m. at the junction of the pedestrian Bahariye Avenue and the main artery of the neighborhood leading to the docks. They chanted slogans for Ahmet Atakan, who was killed early Sept. 10, and the other five demonstrators that have died since the start of the Gezi protests in late May.
Atakan, 22, died in a demonstration supporting students in Ankara protesting against the construction of a road through Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ).
Conflicting reports over the circumstances of Atakan’s death have also raised tensions. Witnesses and activists claimed that Atakan was struck in the head by a tear gas canister while police said he had fallen from a building.
Police once again fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse the group and chased protesters into the side streets. Some of the protesters have been detained, daily Hürriyet reported.
Social media users said many protesters were injured during the police intervention.
In Gazi, protesters formed barricades with trash cans, setting them on fire. Daily Hürriyet also reported claims that unidentified people fired shots into the air in alleys and side streets of the sensitive neighborhood, which has a center of anti-government protest for decades.
Police also intervened against protesters in Ankara’s Tuzluçayır neighborhood, where demonstrations are continuing over the dispute over the road construction in ODTÜ.
Atakan is the sixth protester to be killed in anti-government protests in Turkey this summer, after the deaths of Abdullah Cömert (22), Ali İsmail Korkmaz (19), Ethem Sarısülük (26), Mehmet Ayvalıtaş (20) and Medeni Yıldırım (18). Police officer Mustafa Sarı also died after falling from a bridge while pursuing fleeing protesters in Adana.


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Notice on comments

Çılgın Kanarya

9/14/2013 12:52:13 PM

COOLTURK, your friend is right & you should listen to him / her. I have neither a Facebook nor a Twitter account for this very reason. Also, I don't trust any social networks in the slightest, as they have been known to provide real names to the AKP authorities of people who've conducted anti-government activities on their sites. Remember, these sites WILL cooperate with 'law enforcement' agencies in cases of 'terrorism', & according to Erdoǧan, ANYONE who protests the AKP is a terrorist!


9/13/2013 11:56:07 PM

So, I write of my displeasure of the AKP in facebook. My cousin in Turkey writes back, "please be careful of what you write publicly". "They have been raiding the homes of people, who have expressed their views about the AKP". "Now they're in jail". "I suggest you stop, because you may be taegeted upon one of your visits". Negeyec, you say instigate!! I say, throw the entire gov't apparatus that supports such oppression". If any one is instigating, it's the AKP!

Soap box

9/13/2013 9:38:31 PM

Suhail.....really?! Have you watched the video?! If that is real person, let alone poor Atakan, I'll eat my hat. The Police need this death to go away as their serial shots to the head are becoming somewhat infamous.....thus the AI interjection.

Çılgın Kanarya

9/13/2013 4:56:37 PM

NAGEYEC, the key word in your message is "instigated". Attend a protest, or even just watch footage of one on Halk TV or Ulusal TV (independent from government control), and you'll see exactly who instigates practically every single episode of violence and conflict. I'll give you a clue ... They wear black clothing and white helmets!

Suhail Shafi

9/13/2013 4:16:25 PM

I agree with the comment by Nageyec. This man's death is a tragedy, but if he fell off a building, then how is that the fault of the police or government ?

Agnes Smith

9/13/2013 4:08:46 PM

NAGEYEC - I don't know what footage you have been watching but seems a little different from what I have been seeing? Are you a member of the security forces by any chance? So what you are saying is we should have a police coup. Everyone should stay home after dark and hide - then everything will be fine. What a life ....

John Smithicks

9/13/2013 1:01:17 PM

@ Nageyec. They cannot stay away from violence, not with the present government's violent response to freedom of assembly, difference of opinion, and diversity. Remember the dude who got arrested for "standing", not to mention the violent verbal assaults by the government directed at half of the population of Turkey and the world at large? Being ruled by thuggery and intimidation is not "safe" in any real sense of that word.

Brian Irlanda

9/13/2013 10:39:54 AM

You are right Nageyec. However, the big problem in Turkey is that people are not even allowed to protest peacefully. A gathering of even a hundred people is being broken up by police. I do not know if you live or have ever lived in a fascist police state but if you have you will understand how protests can become violent so easily.

Nageyec Conduz

9/13/2013 7:40:51 AM

If you instigate violence, set fire on to the public properties and throw stones at the security officers, you will definitely play against the sharp end of the law. If you use force you will meet bigger force. Best thing to do is stay safe, and stay away from violence.
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