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Most of ANCA’s endorsed candidates have made their way into Congress. AP photo

Most of ANCA’s endorsed candidates have made their way into Congress. AP photo

Ümit Enginsoy Ümit Enginsoy uenginsoy@aol.com

The vast majority of congressional candidates backed by the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) prevailed in the elections on Nov. 6, as U.S. voters re-elected Barack Obama president and maintained the Democratic majority in the Senate and the Republican majority in the House, the ANCA reported.

“We congratulate Democratic President Obama on his victory, commend Republican Governor [Mitt] Romney for a well-run campaign, and thank Armenian-American voters who went to the polls today in record numbers to support federal, state, and local candidates who support issues of special concern to our community,” the ANCA said.

“We were greatly gratified to see such a large percentage of our congressional endorsees win their races, including powerful advocates such as Senator Bob Menendez, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Representatives Adam Schiff, Ed Royce, Frank Pallone, and many others,” it said.

On the Senate side, 12 out of 15 ANCA-endorsed candidates emerged victorious, including senior Senate Foreign Relations Committee member – and lead co-sponsor of a resolution that would recognize Armenian genocide claims – Democrat Bob Menendez in New Jersey, Democrat Dianne Feinstein in California, Democrat Ben Cardin in Maryland and incoming Democratic Senator Chris Murphy in Connecticut.

On the House side, the ANCA endorsed 130 candidates, of which only 12 were reported to have lost their re-election bids.


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Notice on comments

mara mcglothin

11/18/2012 5:36:15 PM

Who really gives a fig about Armenians? In America, all this talk sounds pretty racist to me, but then again we have our share of people who don't want their kids to marry any other nationality. Racism is never a good thing. Shame on Armenians for not using their money to make the World a better place. Vengence has no place on the Earth.

dogan kemal ileri

11/18/2012 2:56:40 AM

For a hundred years the Armenians have achieved precisely ZERO.All you have done so far is to identify the enemies of Turkiye and for flushing them out we thank you.


11/18/2012 1:47:22 AM

Armen, How exactly is it great news before 2015? Is armenia going to miraculously transform into a modern economy, and a rich society with it's people enjoying a much higher standards of living? The way I see it 2015 would be no different to any other year, until the government of that impoverished piece of land stops it's belligerence towards it's Turkic neighbors, and finally accepts reality that goodwill, ending occupation, and then trade will enrich the landlocked nation from it's poverty.


11/17/2012 6:18:37 PM

This only means they were smart enough not to bet on losers. Hate lobby hates Obama actually, who has refused to heed their directives over the myth of Armenian genocide and language he chooses. I hardly think the man who stood against the will of AIPAC will bend to the will of this little hate lobby. Facts of the matter will remain as they have been for over a century regardless.

Armen Poweryan

11/17/2012 11:30:48 AM

This is great news for Armenians before 2015 .I Cant wait to see how turks are lying front of world like they did 100 years

turkic voice

11/17/2012 10:10:41 AM

there is like 12 nations in the world of 250 country that belive or adopt the notion of genoside of the armenians the suportersof this notion are a minority and all who recognise this are the main instigators that placed armenia against the Ottoman empire and failed in achiving there goal...
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