LOCAL > Principal acquitted over suggestion ‘to kill harmful kids before they can walk’


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Mustafa Aydın. DHA Photo

Mustafa Aydın. DHA Photo

A Turkish court acquitted a controversial Erzurum principal today on charges stemming from his suggestion to kill children that could become harmful to society "before they can walk," daily Radikal reported.
A children's rights advocate group had filed a lawsuit against Principal Musrafa Aydın following his statement, accusing him of "insulting a section of the society based on social status."
Aydın reportedly apologized during the hearing and expressed regret over his words. 
"Children should be analyzed immediately after birth. If they are to become harmful to this country, to this nation, then they should be eliminated before they can walk," Aydın had said during a meeting on preventing violence among children.
Aydın had also underlined the number of homeless or poor children in the neighborhood, blaming violence in the area on children from lower-income families.
"Ninety percent of the children with criminal tendencies have families supported by the Social Services," Aydın said.
The Education Ministry removed Aydın from his post following the incident, launching an investigation into the issue.


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Notice on comments

Chas Spencer

6/9/2012 3:20:10 AM

How did this individual ever get to be a School Peincipal? He should be kept away from children, any children, for the rest of his Natural life in a Mental Institution. On the other hand he may work himsel up to become the Directorof that Mental Institution, then watch out, we will become witnesses to the Comedy of the Absurd!

Stephen Brunette

6/8/2012 8:54:26 PM

This principal is living proof why abortion should be kept legal, to prevent people like him from becoming a burden to the state.

american american

6/8/2012 5:41:34 PM

as long as the elimination takes place after birth there is no problem

Ozgur Erhan

6/8/2012 4:35:30 PM

Well infanticide is not an insult, it is murder. It is ironic that Mr Aydin's acquittal comes not long after proposals to outlaw abortion.

Ryan James

6/8/2012 4:31:23 PM

This guy should have been eliminated at birth.

mara mcglothin

6/8/2012 4:14:45 PM

So does this mean he is back at work? He obviously didn't get the memo from the PM that the "murder" of children is not acceptable. I would question whether someone needs to take a close look at his children!...meanwhile 8 students were given 8 years in prison for holding a banner demanding free education? Only in Turkey under the AKP!
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