CRIME >Suspected murderer of Turkish author arrested, claims to have seen ‘devil’ after reading books


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A 31-year-old woman suspected of murdering Turkish author Beki İkala Erikli was arrested on Dec. 17 along with the gun used in the attack late last week.

The suspect, Sinem Koç, who pleaded guilty to killing İkala Erikli, said her psychological state had been badly affected by the author’s books.

İkala Erikli, who was known for her self-help books, including the book “Living with Angels,” was shot dead in the evening on Dec. 15 at around 6 p.m. in front of the elevator on the entrance floor of the apartment in which her office is located in the Kabataş area of central Istanbul. 

“I reached a conviction that she was a person harmful for other people,” Koç said in testimony to police.

“She is a devil. I decided to kill her so that she could not harm others.”   

Koç also said she previously attended three seminars by the author and that she subsequently “started to see the devil and other kinds of creatures.”

“I was not able to sleep for two months. By killing her I prevented many others from going through the same problems,” said Koç.

Ruling for Koç’s arrest on charges of deliberate killing, an Istanbul court also noted that the suspect was inclined to commit suicide and behaved abnormally during her testimony, such as fixing her gaze on a certain point, crying and opening and closing her hands.   

The court ordered Koç to undergo a mental examination at a health institution. 

Koç also bore a note on her when she was captured which read: “I had a very beautiful life. Until I met this woman. Her book ‘Living with Angels’ was very appealing to me, but after reading it my life was ruined. I had joyful laughter, she took all of it, she stole my sleep. I killed this woman and now I am killing myself.”


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