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CHP deputy chair Faruk LoğoğluAA photo

CHP deputy chair Faruk LoğoğluAA photo

Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is picking the bitter fruit of its Syrian policy following a decision yesterday to ground a Syrian passenger flight to check for weapons, the main opposition has said.

“This incident is the latest bitter fruit of the wrong and biased Syria policy which the AKP government has been following. With this incident, an air dimension has been added to the already-tense relations between the two countries,” said Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy chair Faruk Loğoğlu, a retired ambassador and a former undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry.

The plane incident has displayed a “worrying and dangerous escalation full of unknowns,” he said.

Underlining that the inspection of the plane was carried out upon a tip-off – the source of which was not yet clear – Loğoğlu said they expected a more comprehensive statement concerning the issue from officials when the examination is completed.

Loğoğlu, however, said the political aspect of the issue was more important than its technical aspect amid questions of whether the inspection was conducted in line with the rules of international civil aviation.

“This development will also negatively effect our relations with Russia with which we already have an opposite approach [on Syria]” in addition to the problems it will cause with the Arab republic, he said.

“The forced landing of third countries’ [planes] which use Turkish airspace in a similar fashion may bring Turkey up against a lot of countries,” Loğoğlu said.


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Notice on comments

tarry davis

10/11/2012 10:59:11 PM

Just what does Mr. Logoglu mean by biased Syria policy. This is a pretty broad brush to paint the AKP with. Mr Assad refused to bend in the face of his people's demands and now 30,000 are dead and Syrian planes and RPGs are bombing major Syrian cities indiscriminately. Turkey has tens of thousands of refugees and bombing across its boarder. I would like to know step by step what Mr. Logoglu would have done differently. Otherwise, it is all just political smoke and mirrors.

Blue Dotterel

10/11/2012 8:14:16 PM

@ Gerard, the forced landing was an act of air piracy. Apparently, Erdogan isn't satisfied with a war with Syria, he wants one with Russia too. Just be thankful, it wasn't a Russian plane. The AKP want to make martyrs of all of us.

Murun Buchstansangur

10/11/2012 7:55:53 PM

@Ismail Hijazi. That's a very mature response. Logoglu's comments go beyond merely berating the ruling party for the sake of it. His comments echo the concerns of many. His experience and diplomatic credentials outweigh those of the PM and FM by a hundredfold.


10/11/2012 7:44:15 PM

C'mon Mr. Logoglu, you are better than that...


10/11/2012 7:42:37 PM

Regardless of past political differences, Turkey was morally right in the forced landing of the plane containing munitions bound for the armed forces of the Syrian dictatorship. Criticism of the AKP for doing the morally correct thing is a reflection on the critics themselves.

Halit Nofal

10/11/2012 6:54:08 PM

@Turk Turk Amen for that ... but it is a very hard balance to achieve when you have such world status , but if we look at it from a moral ground, Turkey can't close eyes on an evil such as Al-Assad and the killing of civilians in Syria as will in Turkey ... it was Syria who downed the Turkish Jet and killing 5 inside Turkey ... I think it is Syria's miscalculation trying to drag Turkey on this conflict ...

turk oz

10/11/2012 6:21:45 PM

Mr. Faruk Logoglu, you were the best Ambassador to Turkey, you should be the Foreign Minister. The job of Foreign Ministry is as prestigious as PM. No FM should ever hold a chair to PM like a butler. It is becoming worrisome that Turkey declaring a war to Syria. Turkey has NO FRIENDS...

Ismail Hijazi

10/11/2012 4:59:29 PM

The CHP is exposing its real uguly face more and more with the passing of each day. I don't know how this party can call itself Turkish anymore, it has not missed a single opportunity to declare it's support for the enemies of the nation.

True Turk

10/11/2012 4:50:46 PM

I am proud to say that I am a staunch supporter of Erdogan for what he has achieved for Turkey in terms of wealth and status in the world and also for what he has done to the infrastructure of the country. But, like many I am seething for his miscalculation and interference in Syria. Why could we not have remained neutral and let the outcome resolve itself?

Roger Harding

10/11/2012 4:41:08 PM

Another extension of AKP's zero problems foreign policy. Turkey has now annoyed Putin's Russia as well. The list is growing rapidly.
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