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DHA Photo

A two-month old hunger strike by prisoners in Turkey has ended, the Prisoners' Families Association (TUHADFED) said today.

Outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Öcalan called late yesterday for an end to hunger strikes in prisons across the country.

Öcalan reportedly said the hunger strikes should not be staged by inmates, but “by those who are outside” instead.

Öcalan’s brother, Mehmet Öcalan, also said the leader believed the hunger strikes had reached their goals.

Prisoners, as well as many people outside, launched the action on Sept. 12 to demand an end to the isolation of Öcalan, who is serving a life sentence on İmralı island, as well as an end to restrictions on the use of mother tongues in court and in education.


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Notice on comments


11/18/2012 5:12:21 PM

Too bad!


11/18/2012 4:07:58 AM

Oh and this article is titled 'PKK leader calls for end of hunger strikes'... which according to said article, is incorrect. 'Öcalan reportedly said that the hunger strikes should not be staged by inmates, but “by those who are outside” instead'... In our out of prison makes no difference, they are still asking people to continue!!


11/18/2012 3:58:03 AM

If say, one of the criminals in prison do die as a result from these so called 'hunger strikes', then shouldn't the people on the outside who continue to enable and encourage them, be up for some sort of manslaughter charges? This is not as ridiculous as it sounds... sure they may not have 'taken a gun and shot them dead', but its like giving them the gun to kill themselves. I think the B.D.P have a lot to answer for!!

dogan kemal ileri

11/18/2012 2:45:46 AM

PKK's source of income from drugs,prostitution,people smuggling and protection racketeering must be severely hampered whilst their media of communication attenuated and they must be smashed militarily.Meanwhile all communication from Ocalan must not be made public and he must serve a total life imprisonment which means life. Meanwhile Erdogan must continue with reforms post haste and complete our first proper civilian constitution ASAP which will save lives and end strife.There's no other way.

Frank Turk

11/17/2012 11:26:12 PM

Please dont stop because we really care.. Ok maybe not
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