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Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is seen at a parliamentary committee. AP photo

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is seen at a parliamentary committee. AP photo

Israel’s Parliament on June 12 held a discussion marking the Turkish mass killings of Armenians, in a move likely to further strain already tense relations with Ankara.

“It is our moral obligation to remember and remind others of the tragedy that befell the Armenian people, who lost over a million of their sons during the First World War,” speaker Reuven Rivlin told lawmakers.

The discussion was the third consecutive year in which the Israeli Parliament has held such a hearing to commemorate “the anniversary of the killing of the Armenian people.” Rivlin said that recognizing the tragedy was not meant to cast blame on modern Turkey and was not “against the present Turkish government.”

Hitler example
“Perhaps the government of Israel will at last recognize, like 27 other countries around the world, the massacre of the Armenian people,” Agence France-Presse quoted Zehava Galon of the opposition Meretz party as telling parliament.

Environment Minister Gilad Erdan, who represented the government during the discussion, said the Knesset should seriously debate the issue, and recognize it as genocide if it reaches that conclusion. National Union lawmaker Arieh Eldad called on Turkey to recognize its responsibility for its “historical crime,” which he said included children being “put into cellars and gassed.”

According to Jerusalem Post, Eldad quoted Adolf Hitler as having said “Who remembers what happened to the Armenians?” after he was asked what the world would say about his Final Solution against the Jews.


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Notice on comments

Chas Spencer

6/15/2012 7:10:16 PM

@MARK TAK - This Israeli Minister should not wait for Armenian Genocide Recognition, while at it he should travel to Armenia & place a wreath at the Drastanat Kanayan Memorial, who in 1941 organised a 18.000 strong Armenian Whermacht Division, was a General of Nazi Whermacht and known as General DRO. They Paticipated in invasion of USSR & ostensibly served in Crimea & Caucasus. It has been a longstanding Rumor that they also gave Manpower to Einsatzgruppe "D" atached to the11th Army, Whermacht.

Chas Spencer

6/15/2012 4:48:45 PM

DAYS OF SORROW was their name for their suffering caused by Ottoman re-settlement atempt into Syria, that went wrong, causing the immense Armenian Tragedy. The re-settlement was urgently needed to deny support and cover to more than 34 individual Goiila groups infiltrating from Russian side. They not only wrecked havoc on Ottoman Armies but also Pillaged and Murdered local Population of Turks & Kurds. If Armenia comes to the Table with honest intent, they should find Turkish republic a Partner.

Chas Spencer

6/15/2012 11:52:09 AM

It should be noted that Fritz Haber besides developing the deadly Gases used on stalemated Battlefields of Flanders,causing death &lingering death to soldiers on both sides also created Agri Fertilizers such as Amonium Nitrate used extensively in today's World today. Hitler as a Soldier was also gased by he other side on the Battlefield. When F. Haber went to Switzerland for medical treatment in1933, Hitler,as Chanselour of Germany stripped him of German citizenship and refused him re-entry.

Chas Spencer

6/15/2012 12:46:27 AM

One would think that Israel &voters of National Union Party are deserving a better "LAWMAKER" than Arieh Eldad, who insinuets that Ottoman Turks Put Armenian Children in Cellars & Gased them. Such gases were first invented in Germany, ca 1914 by the Chemist Fritz Haber, born in Breslau to a Hasidic Jewish Family in 1868 (In his late life he converted to Lutheranism) He wads contemporary of Alber Einstein, who failed to desuade him from his endeavor,called him a beast.See Fritz Haber in Wickipedi

Chas Spencer

6/14/2012 5:15:44 PM

Israel is at Rubicon, should it recognize Armenian Tragedy as "Genocide" on equal terms with Juwish suffering? Jews never betrayed Germany as is attested by WW1 Cemetaris of Jewish soldiers who fought and dies for Germany. On the hand Armenians newer showed any alliance to to Nation other than themselves!

Mark Tak

6/14/2012 11:34:28 AM

Hitler never said that it is a bold face lie made up by arMenians. Hurriyet should add that at the bottom as a lie, Hitler did not give a dam about arMenians but employed them in a Nazi uniform collecting Jews in eastern Balck sea region, killing 4379 Jews in Process
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