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A recent project run by two Turkish ministries aims to combat domestic violence by providing women panic buttons, which will be integrated into a call-center system in case of emergency. The panic button will be disguised as jewelry, a phone or a watch an official says. The project will be tried in two provinces soon

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This file photo shows women staging a
protest against violence in Ankara. DAILY NEWS photo

This file photo shows women staging a protest against violence in Ankara. DAILY NEWS photo

A new project to combat domestic violence in Turkey will be started in two cities at the end of August. 
A panic button pilot project will be implemented by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and Ministry of Interior in the northwestern province of Bursa and southern province Adana as the first step.

Panic buttons will be available to women local courts order protection for, said Sevim Taşdelen, press consultant of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies.

“The panic button will be disguised as jewelry, a phone or a watch,” Taşdelen told the Hürriyet Daily News yesterday in a phone interview.

The ministries have concluded their work on the proposed project, which will also provide electronic monitoring bracelets for men who commit violence. 

Call-center system

The panic buttons will be integrated into a call-center system in order to implement the projects more effectively. 

The ministries made an agreement with the GSM Company Avea to transfer the calls from the buttons to the 155 police emergency line, she said.

Family and Social Policies Minister Fatma Şahin also said the “Alo 183” phone line, which was developed to combat domestic violence, would be restructured, and an agreement on the line had been made with Turkcell, adding that the officials working in these call centers would receive special training according to a report published yesterday by daily Zaman.

The call centers will be opened in Gaziantep, a total of 120 people will work at the center, and the contract procedures have been completed, the report said.

“The projects will be implemented particularly in provinces with strong infrastructure and high migration rates. As part of the project, testing will be conducted in Adana and Bursa just after Ramadan. We will assume all the charges and provide the necessary equipment for the project,” Şahin said. 

Şahin also announced that the civil servants at these two ministries were working on the regulations for the implementation law and that it would be presented to the Council of Ministers in a few days. 

Şahin also stated that such projects were implemented with great success in countries such as Britain, Germany and the U.S. She said Turkish civil servants had observed their implementation and adapted them for Turkey.

Şahin’s press adviser Taşdelen said they planned to implement the project across Turkey in a year. 


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Notice on comments

mara mcglothin

8/16/2012 4:09:37 PM

Yeah REDTAIL I think we should all donate to that fund that provides 5k for every unmarried girl at the age of 18. Panic buttons will not work in Turkey unless you are talking about marking where to find the body. Fast response is key and I am not convinced there will be anyone listening when it goes off. First open the shelters as a place to come and then move these women and their children to safe houses so the abuser cannot find them. Much better approach.


8/14/2012 8:02:29 PM

The projects might well be successful in UK, US and Germany - but in those countries the police take women seriously and show appropriate respect. Can we say that about our police in Turkey?

Faruk Beisser

8/14/2012 2:30:36 PM

Well said, Red Tail, but as long as the Great Leader states that women are not equal and police sending beaten up women back to their husbands cos that is where married women belong as they say, nothing will change.

Red Tail

8/14/2012 11:19:02 AM

i am glad that this serious problem is being discussed. That is the only way forward. Courts, panic buttons etc are good, but far from enough. Far more important is that we have to work on CHANGING ATTITUDES. We have to work towards gender equality and we have to stop raising all our young boys believing that they are the king of universe and their future wives are also servants.
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