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DHA Photo

DHA Photo

The owner of the Bayram Hotel, which collapsed during a 5.6-magnitude earthquake last year in the eastern province of Van, has been arrested on charges of "knowingly causing death,” daily Hürriyet reported today.
Security forces detained Tevfik Bayram in the southern province of Antalya in June and sent him to Van after an arrest warrant was issued by Van’s public prosecutor as a part of investigation into the hotel, which collapsed during the second major earthquake to hit the eastern province late last year.
A Van court arrested Bayram after questioning by public prosecutors.
Twenty people, including two reporters from Doğan news agency (DHA), Sebahattin Yılmaz and Cem Emir, as well as Japanese doctor Atsushi Miyazaki, were killed when the hotel collapsed during the 5.6-magnitude aftershock following a 7.2-magnitude earthquake in Van on Oct. 23, 2011, that killed over 600.



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Notice on comments

Köksüz Kosmopolit

7/3/2012 12:50:39 PM

@ TA, did the defendant build the hotel, or merely own it? Nothing in the article suggests he built it. In fact, absent other info to the contrary, it looks like the man's liability (if any) should be for continuing to rent rooms when there was the chance of an aftershock. And unless he has a mystical power to foresee earthquakes, that should be civil liability for negligence, maybe even recklessness; not criminal liability for "knowingly causing death".

mara mcglothin

7/2/2012 7:10:32 PM

Unsafe building practices are rampant in Turkey. So this is just business as usual. Makes you wonder what Turkish companies would be involved should a nuclear plant ever be built. Something needs to be done across the board to improve safe building inspections free of corruption. Unfortunately, "How far can you see?" menatlity is alive and well. Many more have died and many more will follow.

Dweller -

7/2/2012 3:12:16 PM

So when the much warned about "big one" strikes in Istanbul, will the government be in a similar situation for NOT heeding the warnings and doing nothing to ready the city for the quake? I suspect not as any lack of any earthquake proofing of buildings will be blamed on someone else as usual!.

Tamer Aslantas

7/2/2012 3:07:24 PM

@ KK If a car maker produces a car that has bad parts and he knows that while on the road it will break into pieces. He should be responsible for everything that happens! BUT..it should be proven clearly that he knew what he did. The guy building the house must have prove that he was unaware that his construction could collapse easily. BTW your name suits you well!

Köksüz Kosmopolit

7/2/2012 1:22:02 PM

So, the owner knew in advance that an earthquake would destroy his hotel, killing 20? Truly an evil man! No doubt Turkey's prosecutors will soon reveal that he is also part of the Ergenekon conspiracy, was behind the 1960, 1980 and 1997 coups, is secretly a leader of the PKK and has been fixing matches for Fenerbahçe.
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