New trend: Digitally enhanced security

New trend: Digitally enhanced security

Security has always been a major concern for humanity. After 9/11 we began to talk about it a lot more. Nowadays each and every one of us feels the need to be protected both in the real world and the digital one. It seems that the need for security will never cease. When there is a need there are solutions. There are many companies which claim that they can guarantee your safety. How to choose the best one and how to make sure that they will do as they promise? 

Of course the track record of companies tells a lot of things. Many companies on the market boast about the places they protect and the number of employees that they have. However, security being so attached to human power is not comforting.  

Therefore I am more inclined to favor solutions that can mix technology and regular man power. There are three main reasons for that. The first one is safety. If you try to secure a place with humans only, you also make them targets. Also, a human eye can see so much and process so little. Therefore you feel that you are protected but in reality you can never be sure how well. Is the guard tired or did he/she have a fight with their loved ones and is unable to focus? You will never know. The second issue is about costs. If you employ a hundred people to secure an establishment it means that you have to hire 300 people based on 7/24 security requirement. The third reason is the fact that you need a time perspective for total security. Is the man on that corner walking aimlessly for thirty seconds or ten minutes? You need to be able answer that promptly to take action in the right moment. 

Therefore technology is becoming a big part of the security industry. 

Using remote video solutions is the new trend. Remote video solutions (RVS) are “cloud based, rented, video surveillance solutions that bring state-of-the-art security in innovative and cost-effective service packages,” according to the companies that provide them. 

According to Securitas CTO Emre Erdal, cutting edge cameras and software create real-time security that prevents incidents, optimizes security officers’ time and reduces costs.

The solution is built upon an open platform, is scalable and results in significantly fewer false alarms.

What these RVS systems do is program cameras according to the security needs of the specific locations and needs. You can program a camera system to identify and alert if a package is lying in the same spot for more than two minutes. You can program it to sound the alarm if the same person or car makes a third full cycle around the perimeters you are defending. This list can go on and on. 

Erdal said the best results can be achieved when man power and technology solutions can be used in harmony. 

In the light of new robotic achievements, I wonder if the human component will be totally out of the picture in the near future.