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Only supporters of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and secularists oppose the recent 4+4+4 reforms in education, Turkish Education Minister Ömer Dinçer said during an interview with daily Akşam's İsmail Küçükkaya.
"A majority of normal citizens support us," Dinçer said. "Citizens want to send their kids to school, even at 66 months of age."
Dinçer said members and supporters of the PKK opposed the new law because it meant an earlier education in Turkish for children.
"Those who say, 'Don't even get medical reports [to show that the children are not developmentally ready for school at 66 months]' are the supporters of PKK," Dinçer said. "They want to stop us [from teaching children in Turkish]. And the secular people are upset over the reforms."
When questioned on the issue of religious imam-hatip schools, Dinçer told Akşam they had nothing to do with the new system.
"We did not start this for imam-hatips," Dinçer said. "It does not have anything to do with imam-hatips. We are making the Turkish education system more democratic and more flexible. Obviously we took into account the wishes and needs of the conservative, religious section of the society. They have been victimized in earlier systems."
Dinçer accused "supposed education experts" of creating the existing "chaos" in the system.
"We've been preparing ourselves for the past six months," Dinçer said. "[The new system] has not been rushed."


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Notice on comments

Tekion Particle

9/3/2012 7:45:25 PM

It is an insult to everyone who does not agree with AKP policies. They are trying to liken Secularist to PKK supporters, how dare you? 50% of the Turkish population do not agree with you because what you are doing is trying to take the country back to dark ages, it will not happen because Turkish people are wiser than that MR Dincer.

Salih Salih

9/3/2012 2:28:40 PM

The 12 years of education is a good thing! The fact that significant time of these 12 years can be spent in imam hatip schools is not! The akp are introducing these measures without the logistics (classrooms, teachers, schools, books and changes in curriculum) required to make this successful. Children should also be at school for a full day, rather than half day, and not spent learning to sew, but that is another failing of this legislation!

american american

9/3/2012 2:16:16 PM

what's funny is that akp members send their children to schools that use different curriculums. does this make them less terrorists if they go to a french or english school and receive no turkish during their education?

Recep Ozel

9/3/2012 2:14:11 PM

It is not the 4+4+4 system that is the issue, but the inflexibility for parents, and the way is has been rapidly forced on us. Calling parents that wish to home-school their children or send them to a private school for an extra year PKK supporters is insane! In every European country a parent can pay to send their children to a private nursery or school, sometimes for special needs, so why is this not allowed in Turkey?

Rimon Tree

9/3/2012 1:38:53 PM

@ Guney Nothing wrong with the obligation of 12 years, quite the contrary, but we are talking here about the obligation to take religious lessons and the abuse of the right of the people to decide on that topic themselves. Please read the article another time to see where the fault lines are!

Guney Levent

9/3/2012 1:02:08 PM

In Belgium we are obliged to go 12(6+6) years to school. What's wrong with this? Ooh yes I forgot, it must be bad because the AKP proposed it. Doesn't it.

The Prisoner

9/3/2012 11:51:56 AM

'Normal' applies to people who believe in a fairy story???!!!! This guy has been taking too much 'cecil'!

Johanna Dew

9/3/2012 11:39:37 AM

Doesn't science exist anymore in Turkey? Must every move the AKP does goes hand-in-hand with their religious bigotry and hatred for real reforms and sustainable developments instead of these weird educational reforms? And their goal was to bring Turkey in the top-ten countries of the world by 2023?....hahaha ...wait on the first real financial figures by Jan 2013


9/3/2012 11:35:47 AM

The current thinking on starting ages for education of children is that 6 years old is best. But then this thinking is from "supposed education experts", not AKP deputies who are experts on everything, absolutely everything. As for associating opposition of their policy with terrorists, well, I hope everyone understands this man is a member of the cabinet of the governing party. How scary is that?

Rimon Tree

9/3/2012 11:23:40 AM

There he goes carried awa by his AKP religious visions! Secularists are NOT normal citizens! Therefore they must be ousted as soon as possible? To "take into account the wishes and needs of the conservative religiosu sections" it would not have been necessary to subdue the abnormal citizens under a duty of religious education! You could have solved it by making the attendence voluntary. Is that your imagination of "demoratic and flexible"? You are ridiculous!
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