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US President Barack Obama and Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met at the G20 summit Tuesday to discuss the need for a political transition in Syria.
Erdoğan has become a key ally for Obama in the three years since he took office and the two men have met and spoken by telephone frequently to discuss various Middle East crises.
"They discussed the importance of moving toward a political transition in Syria that ends bloodshed and brings about a government that reflects the will of the Syrian people," a White House statement said.
"They also discussed the situation in Iraq, and agreed on their support for its unity. They reviewed the need to enhance counter-terrorism cooperation," the statement said, adding the leaders also discussed economic cooperation.
Turkey has been the venue for meetings of various Syrian opposition groups opposed to President Bashar al-Assad.
The country has also registered more than 30,000 refugees who have fled over its borders from Syria, officials said.
Obama spent considerable time on Monday seeking to convince Russian President Vladimir Putin on the need for Assad to go, and for a political transition that would allow Syrians to chose their own future.


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Rimon Tree

6/20/2012 1:55:48 PM

"Sleepwalkers" is the most precise labelling of those two superheroe leaders! The fall is forecast....

Chas Spencer

6/20/2012 12:17:18 PM

Pres. OBama and anyone else are sleepwalking, if the they think that Putin of Russia will ever agree to oust or make any kind move in that direction> There is an awakening and growing oposition to Putin at home, demanding his resignation as well stopping the "Musical Chairs" comedy Game with that High Office. Any sign of weaknes on Syria by Putin will be taken as a signal and oportunity by his oponents to escalate Nationwide unrest at Home! It is obvious Obama has his que cards mixed up!
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