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ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency

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A total of 6,778 newspapers and magazines were published across Turkey in 2011, a 4.9 percent increase from last year, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK).

According to a statement released by TÜİK Aug. 17, Turkey published a total of 6,778 newspapers and magazines in 2011, a 4.9 percent increase when compared to 2010.

Magazines made up 57.1 percent of the total number and some 35.5 percent were local, 6.7 percent were regional and 57.8 percent were national.

Of the newspapers published in Turkey last year 90.1 percent of were local, 3.1 percent were regional and 6.8 percent were national publications.

A total of 58.9 percent of the country’s total published publications were local, 5.2 percent were regional and 35.9 percent were national.

In 2011, the total annual circulation of newspapers and magazines decreased 11.9 percent compared to 2010 with the total annual circulation being 2,265,538,153.

Some 17.4 percent of the total annual circulation was local newspapers and magazines, 2 percent was regional newspapers and magazines and 80.6 percent was national newspapers and magazines.

Newspapers lead circulation

Daily newspapers constitute 88.2 percent of the total annual newspaper circulation in Turkey. Of the newspapers published in Turkey 14.2 percent are published daily and 31 percent are published weekly. The majority of published newspapers, a total of 86.3 percent, contain political and topical news and 10 percent print additional supplements, 23.6 percent.

Within the total annual magazine circulation 55.5 percent is monthly publications and 12.4 percent are weekly publication. Magazines breakdown into 23.6 percent being published monthly, 21.9 percent published quarterly, 19.5 percent containing sector-specific or profession-related content and 9.8 percent contain supplements.


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