MIDEAST > No truce without end to all Gaza fire: Lieberman

JERUSALEM - Agence France-Presse

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) and Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman (L) EPA Photo

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) and Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman (L) EPA Photo

Israel's Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said today that Israel would not negotiate a truce with Gaza Strip's Hamas rulers as long as rocket fire continues from the Palestinian enclave.
"The first and absolute condition for a truce is stopping all fire from Gaza," he said before meeting French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, adding that all militant factions in Gaza would have to commit to cease rocket fire.
"We want a long-term arrangement," Lieberman said.


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Plain Talk

11/19/2012 11:42:36 AM

In the end, it looks like Lieberman is stealing Bibi's thunder but more important, it looks more and more like the entire War is brought on for political gain at the Polls, to stay in power by Natthanyahu/Lieberman duo. Rocket Fire into ones country is certainly a provaction but what provoked the fire in the first place, could it be the newly release date of the near starvation food rationing envisaged for Gaza! Combine that with total ban of Agriculture in Gaza, you,see bleak Future&provacation

Turk down under

11/19/2012 9:35:28 AM

Sorry? JIM REBEL did you mean to comment on this article or did you mistake it for another? You see it basically says here that the the Israeli FM said there will be no truce until Hamas stop firing rockets into Israel. How does protecting your citizens translate to being a spoiled fascist monster???


11/18/2012 4:47:25 PM

USA shame on you, for creating this fascist monster which is totally spoiled and out of control..

Aryeh Rapaport

11/18/2012 3:42:25 PM

If Leiberman would say anything different he would be toppled. Any Democratic population would demand its leaders protect them from missiles raining down. I demand Netanyahu, Leiberman do more to stop missiles. They are leaders of Israel and under their leadership missiles are raining down. I dont care how - missiles must stop. If they go into Gaza, bomb electricity plant, stop water - I dont care how - Missiles must stop raining down on Israel!! Otherwise Israelis will kick them out of office!
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