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Banners in support of the Gezi protests were opened during this year's graduation ceremony at the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) campus in Ankara.

Banners in support of the Gezi protests were opened during this year's graduation ceremony at the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) campus in Ankara.

No education loans will be granted to students who engage in resistance, stage boycotts, chant slogans or become involved in similar activities, according to newly announced conditions by the Higher Education Loans and Dormitories Institution (KYK), Turkey’s official student loan institution. 

The precondition states that those who engage in “resistance, boycotts, occupations, writing, painting [in public spaces], chanting slogans and the like,” will not be eligible for student loans, as such activity constitutes a “violation of the right to an education,” according to the KYK. 

“In the education institutions he/she attends, in its extensions in the dormitory he/she resides, outside of the education institution or the dormitory, either solely or collectively, in whichever form, those who are concerned with events of anarchy and terrorism, engaging in behaviors violating the right to education (resistance, boycott, occupation, writing, painting, slogan-chanting, et cetera), whether attempted partially or fully,” are classified as ineligible alongside those who carry any sort of firearm or sharp device. 

Questions were raised when the details of preconditions to receive loans were enumerated and published on July 29, with many speculating that an article banning such student behavior had been inserted as a result of the Gezi Park protests. 

But while the conditions had already been on the books since the first half of 2000s, it appears that the KYK has chosen to highlight actions such as engaging in resistance, staging boycotts and chanting slogans in its announcement for the upcoming academic year for the first time.

The condition in question is absent from the KYK’s official website, where information on general eligibility criteria from previous years is available.


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Notice on comments

Çılgın Kanarya

8/1/2013 11:46:43 PM

Now then, when even Suhail Shafi, one of our resident AKP fanatics on here, condemns a government policy, they really do need to sit up and listen! They just don't seem to understand that they're digging themselves deeper and deeper into a hole.

Suhail Shafi

8/1/2013 10:31:53 PM

This is just WRONG - as long as the students are not engaging in violence or breaking the law, there is NO REASON to discriminate against people in this manner.

mara mcglothin

8/1/2013 6:07:39 PM

Democracy at it finest! Burasi Turkey. What next? Women with no children need not apply?

Agnes Smith

8/1/2013 1:47:19 PM

I agree JOHN - this is incitement. Does RTE have any idea where China is on the map or any of their history. Instead of burning bridges he should be rebuilding. He is antagonising his future electorate, alienating his police force from the public (they can't all be mercenaries) and marching on regardless. But he has a point - there is a power vacuum of which he is taking full advantage of. In a funny way Ataturk did the same, although he empowered the people instead of degrading them.

Enes Ottoman

7/31/2013 6:19:45 PM

I AM ALSO UNIVERSITY SRUDENT IN TURKEY and I agree with the goverment in some points.As long as the protestors keep going the protest in legal borders, this is not fair but in fact this is not like that.Some protestors gave reallly big metarial results to our country and I can not accept that.Not only for all students but If these students who made big mistakes during the protests dont desire the loan from the goverment and our taxes P.s - Firstly You can think the about Syria and Egypt.

Ali Hasbay

7/31/2013 5:55:58 PM

I'm not surprised and will not be surprised by those sort of limitations just around the corner as waiting for a reasonable approach from AKP has always been in the fond hope. One must have a fondness for AKP and admiration for PM in order to move up within a profession.


7/31/2013 5:39:43 PM

A young Turkish student must be as swift as a greyhound and as tough as leather. How can you study if you are running around in parks and do not praise the government?

american american

7/31/2013 5:39:01 PM

the turkish state is broke and cannot afford to pay for universities. it is looking for an easy way out. another akp economic miracle.

Red Tail

7/31/2013 3:56:20 PM

As long as the student takes care of his studies and does not commit any serious crimes (murder etc) he should be entitled to loans. It is good that you students are getting engaged in the future of the country and in politics. As long it does not mean violence and destruction, political activities should be encouraged.

An Observer

7/31/2013 12:59:48 PM

All those affected please form a queue at the European Court of Human Rights... He who laughs last etc...
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